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Friday, 11 October 2013

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don gonzalesdon gonzales family reserve perfecto maduro

The Don Gonzalez brand has been a favorite of mine since I discovered them during a cigar event I attended a little over a year ago. The first cigar by the Don Gonzalez (or Don G as I and many of my smoke buddies call them) I had was the Family Reserve Perfecto Maduro, and it has remained a favorite of mine for a long time now.  In this review I'll tell you my thoughts on the Family Reserve Perfecto Maduro.





As someone who has been smoking this particular cigar for a long time, I can tell you that it has remained incredibly consistent in taste, and the construction has continually gotten better over time. Don Gonzalez has certainly earned a fan in me; every stick I have enjoyed over the past year was clearly made with attention to detail and in an artisan like pursuit of perfection.  I find myself coming back to the Don G brand again and again, the Family Reserve perfecto maduro most of all.

Aesthetically the wrapper appears dark and rich. I commonly found the leaf to be somewhat rustic looking and covered in sporadic grain. The cigars where nearly ubiquitously oily, the grain very pronounced at places.  The cigars always felt very weighty for their size, at least in my opinion.



I found the aroma made itself known right away, even from the light smoke created when toasting the foot.  Typically the first few inches of the cigar would smell of rich sweet woods with a cocoa like scent in the background. Over time I found that the cocoa smell would gradually be replaced by a somewhat spicy or peppery aroma.

Sometimes, I found a buttery taste hitting my pallet on the first few puffs, but when this happened it typically faded into the background quickly.
More often than not, the beginning of the first third bore spice and woods in equal measure, these tastes always being rich and in the forefront. Yet, it bares mentioning that I could at times detect a faint earth taste in the background.

The ash was always beautiful, a light gray with charcoal like streaks. The places where the wrapper held grain was typically evident in the ash as well.

As the first third continued, in cases where the wood tastes where not immediately so, I would almost always notice them taking on a very cedar like  profile, as opposed to what I would describe as a ‘dry’ wood taste. As this section drew to an end, I would find brief moments where ether spice or cedar would come dominantly to the forefront for a few puffs only to be usurped by the other flavor a bit later.

The first third of the Don Gonzales Family Reserve Perfecto Maduro was great but things got even better as I hit the second third of this stick.

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