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Thursday, 15 May 2003

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If at first you don’t succeed, try try again. Our second Don Tuto was much better.

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.  We again reviewed a Don Tuto cigar at, the “twin” of our first review, except this time the 6 x 50 Churchill came dressed for the evening in a very dark Maduro wrapper.


Here’s a brief overview of these cigars if you have not had a chance to read our first review.  Don Tuto cigars were established in Costa Rica in 1993 by Jesus Garcia, a native of Cuba.  All Don Tuto cigars are made in Costa Rica.  In this installment, the 6 x 50 Churchill had a “JF Maduro” wrapper with Tuto Habano binder and a blend of Tuto Habano and JF for the filler. (See prior review for more information on these types of tobacco.)


Five reviewers took their shot on the Don Tuto Maduro, and the reviews were better than its light skinned brother, in fact a few fireworks began firing.


The wrapper gives this cigar a rustic appearance, and is very dark, bordering on Oscuro.  All in all, from a looks perspective you can’t find many negatives, as the rich looking wrapper instills some excitement as to what will follow.  In fact a couple of our reviewers threw an “A+” at this cigar with comments like:


When I first looked at this cigar I was impressed with its beauty, a nice mottled wrapper with a lot of oily sheen to it. It looked like it had a double or triple cap and was well applied”


“The cigar was very attractive, a nice feel, and easy draw. It looked like a million bucks.”


The quality of this cigar was better than average.  Most reviewers were throwing grades in the “B” to “B+“ range and not spending much time on construction issues…generally a good sign.  So far so good, as there was definitely some time spent making these.  No hasty rolling here.


“The draw was very easy and the ash hung on for almost three inches. The ash was a mottled dark grey and almost black in places. When the ash finally fell off it left a perfect cone.”


So far so good, the Don Tuto Maduro Churchill is starting to make the rest of the family jealous.  We all know the rubber hits the road with how a cigar tastes.  Looks and build are fantastic, but if she doesn’t perform where it counts, there won’t be many visiting her again.  I think we’re still talking about cigars?!?


Taste reviews were all over the board.  Some thinking this was a slightly better than average cigar, while others really didn’t want to go another round with Don Tuto.


“The taste that lasted through out the smoke was kind of a burnt woody taste followed by a little bitterness on the finish.  The taste was pretty one dimensional and somewhat tiresome by the end of the cigar.”


“The taste was woodsy but very very mild. The flavor was a little bland for my tastes and had no complexity; it finished pretty much the same as it started with minimal aftertaste. I doubt that I would purchase one and as far as aging, I just don't think the strength was there to endure much in the way of aging. After seeing it I was expecting a lot more flavor, it looked great but not much character.”


“The first 2/3 of the cigar was very pleasurable with a lot of nice earthy flavors, and the burn was consistant. During the last two inches the wrapper started to unravel a bit, but nothing that would prevent me from buying! another one. The aftertaste was rather pleasant with a little bit of sweetness to it. I would say this is a medium bodied smoke and very enjoyable. When I first saw it I almost didn't want to light it up because of the beautiful oily sheen and different shades of dark brown. I would definitely buy some of these.”


So there you have it on taste…OK…Good…Great.  So perhaps big brother has hope.  We did a bit more research and found out we received some of the earliest production cigars.  With age this Maduro may just start finding its way into smokers hearts…it has with a couple of ours.




Size: 6 x 50
Shape: Churchill

Wrapper: JF Maduro

Binder: Tuto Habano

Filler: Tuto Habano and JF

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