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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

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Can a dentist really be a friend to a cigar smoker? Dr. Nick wants to be.

When most people think of “Dr. Nick”, they think of the funky doctor from the Simpsons TV show.  When cigar smokers think of Dr. Nick, they may want to think about “Dr. Nick’s White and Healthy line of dental care products.

Dr. Nick surprisingly showed up at the 2008 RTDA show with a booth at the convention.  Thinking it was kind of odd to see, of all things, a dentist at a cigar convention, we popped in for a discussion.  It seems Dr. Nick knows a good demographic when he sees one.   Dr. Nick and his staff were at the show showing their tooth whitening, and breathe refreshing products (along with a few others we were unable to sample).  We got a sample of each and put them to the test for a few weeks after the show.

Dr. Nick’s Tooth Whitening toothpaste claims to gently whiten your teeth with all natural products.  According to their website: 

“Dr. Nick's Whitening Toothpaste is a unique two-part formulation that whitens teeth while improving oral health. Dr. Nick's revolutionary two-part toothpaste is designed to maintain the shine and brightness of your teeth while remaining safe and gentle on enamel.”

We found the dual dispenser on the cloodgy side to use, with uneven amounts of the two pastes being dispensed at the same time.  After brushing until we ran out, we could see no noticeable difference with the whiteness of our teeth.  Perhaps we are beyond hope. All in all, we would have to say that the whitening toothpaste falls in the same category as the rest of the tooth whitening products we have used…and that unfortunately is less than stellar.

On the flip side, Dr. Nick’s breathe spray seemed to work pretty good on some nasty cigar hardened breathe.  We were advised that one spray from the small bottle would clear things up, but either we have uniquely nasty breathe, or a couple sprays are needed to do the job.  Then again, taking into consideration we started using the spray at the show, and had been smoking five or six cigars a day, it was a lot to ask of the little power packed bottle.

Small enough to carry around, and useful enough to keep around, we found the breath freshener worth its weight in Opus X.  We all know the kind of breath you can get after a particularly raunchy cigar, and it’s nice to have any ammunition to fight it.  Dr. Nick’s website sums thing up pretty nicely on the “Breath Purifier” with the following comments:

“Dr. Nick’s ‘breath PURIFIER’ is dentist formulated from 100% natural ingredients and Lycitrate,™ proven to combat the main causes of bad breath while improving oral health. It actually purifies your breath and doesn’t just cover up odor. Dr. Nick’s breath PURIFIER is alcohol free, tastes great, and will leave your mouth feeling fresh. And with more than 100 sprays in every bottle, it is a great value!”

It is a great value with a $2.99 suggested retail price.  Finding somewhere to buy it might be your biggest issue, but it is available at their website.  (Info and weblink at bottom of article.)

Dr. Nick carries a complete line of whitening products, from the two we have mentioned in this article, and including tongue scrapers (that’s hard to even type without being grossed out), whitening mouthwash, whitening gel and complete oral care kits.

All in all, we found the breath purifier to be the stud of the pair.  We even went in search of the worst cigar we could find, just to see if the breathe purifier could do the trick.  Almost like we were lining up “cage matches” for the little bottle…and the bottle held its own.

While we can strongly endorse the breathe purifier, we cannot be so positive about the tooth whitener.  Maybe it was us, as we have never seen much success from any tooth whitening product, or maybe none of them work, but this lined right up with our prior experiences.

Dr. Nick’s products can be bought online, and from select retailers and dental supply companies.  The company website is at, and the range of products can also be purchased there.  The prices range from $2.99 for the Breath Purifier, $6.95 for the toothpaste, $4.95 for the lovely tongue scraper (with special angled handle so you can really hack away!), $19.95 for the professional Whitening Gel, and finally $39.95 for the complete oral care kit, which contains one each of all the Dr. Nick line of products.

Looks like there is a new “Dr. Nick” in town.

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