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Friday, 15 March 2002

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Covering both ends of the spectrum this week, first we gave you "Nasty", now we calm down a bit, take a muscle relaxant, and give "Natural" a shot. Covering both ends of the spectrum this week, first we gave you "Nasty", now we calm down a bit, take a muscle relaxant, and give "Natural" a shot. Hmmm, check out their own description of "Natural": "In the small city of Esteli, Nicaragua there is a Tabacalera that is taking the art of cigar making to a whole new level. Using tobaccos from places as far off as Turkey and Syria, Jonathan Drew is producing blends unlike anything you've tasted to date. Jonathan took the cigar industry by surprise when he introduced Acid cigars and the latest of his progressive line of cigars is named the “Natural”. These adventurous smokes are definitely in a class of their own. Drawing from a secret curing and aging process, the “Natural” line utilizes an inimitable array of tobaccos from around the world. Once rolled, the cigars are aged in rooms few men have entered due to the sensitive nature of the aging process. The result of the secret blending and progressive aging process is a cigar as unique in flavor as it is in appearance. If you’re ready to take your smoking experience to the next level, then you’re ready for “Natural”." I don't know about you, but I was expecting Indiana Jones to jump out any second and sever the head of a snake that crept over my neck as I read it. Now that you've read the hype, your ready for some wild cigar aren't you? You'll be disappointed if that's the case. Not that this is a bad cigar, but pairing up that marketing material with this cigar is like forcing Jesse Ventura to the alter with Amy Grant. This was a mellow smoke, there were sweet sugary hints throughout the cigar, prompting the following comments. "There was a sweet something that I still can't place my finger on. All that came to mind was the flavored reed of a Swisher Sweet". It burns quiet, is unobtrusive as a Buddhist monk, and mellower than a 60's war protester with a new found stash. We searched and searched through all the folks reviews looking for something, anything to add personality to this cigar. It wasn't there. The Drew Estate Natural China 5 is light, mellow, easy to smoke, with hints of sweetness, and absolutely no aftertaste. This was just generally pleasant, like when you wake up early thinking you have to go to work, and then realize its Saturday. Great feeling, but forgotten once you fall back asleep. All five reviewers thought this was a cigar worth trying, and keeping around for your infrequent cigar smoking buddies who might like a lighter, sweeter taste. Don't fool yourself though, beyond the nice clothing, this cigar is not going to win any personality contests. Vital Statistics: Shape = Grand Corona Length=5" RG = 43 Wrapper = Top Secret! Filler = Top Secret! Binder = Top Secret! Estimated Cost = $5.00

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