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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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el rey del mundo choix supremehabanos
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The ERDM Choix Supreme is a robusto sized cigar measuring 5” long with a 48 ring gauge. We have been receiving a lot of ratings lately that have been all over the board. Perhaps our staff of guests and regular reviewers were going schizophrenic on us? Well rest assured, they all agreed on the Cuban El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme! These cigars were kindly donated to the "Canadian Branch" of T25C by Ho Park Cigars in Hong Kong. The El Rey del Mundo line was established in Cuba over 150 years ago by Antonio Allones. “The King of the World” brand has 10 shapes and is made in 7 factories at last count. The ERDM Choix Supreme is a robusto sized cigar measuring 5” long with a 48 ring gauge. The Choix Supreme is a good looking Habano with a beautiful smooth, reddish wrapper free of major defects. A tad on the rustic side, but being from 1998, we'd have to say they aged quite well! A nicely firm construction, again free of major defects, the ERDM Choix Supreme showed well as it was smoked. All samples seemed to burn a touch on the hot side, but as was expected the ash remained perfect on all samples. Once lit, many of the comments revolved around the lack of an overpowering aroma. A slight floral smell was noticed. We're not sure that many of our reviewers spent much time assessing the aroma, as the excitement to get smoking was evident in the reviews. "I had 3 samples of the ERDM and they all smoked a little differently. The first was very spicy and earthy with quite a bit of power. A great full bodied smoke. The second was spicy along with a dark roasted coffee taste (Like a double espresso). A medium bodied smoke. The third was somewhere in between the first two. The spice and earthiness were pretty light, but the dark roasted coffee taste came through with a dry finish. The third was also a medium bodied smoke. None of the cigars had a lot of aftertaste." I always get a bit worked up when smoking a Habano. Perhaps my expectations were to high. Don't get me wrong, this was good, just not quite as earth shattering as I expected. There you have it, those above quotes are very representative of what we have been seeing in the reviews of the Cuban El Rey del Mundo Choix Supreme. The cigars were good, they had good construction, but didn't blow anyone away. perhaps this last quote sums it up best...and adds a bit of humor! "Okay, I'll bite, I'm not afraid to ask...what's the big deal about Habanos? A very good cigar, with good construction, good flavor, and good just about everything. I guess since this was my first Habano I was expecting an experience like the first time I made lo....whoops, to much information! Vital Statistics: Shape = Robusto Length=5" RG =48 Wrapper = Cuba Filler = Cuba Binder = Cuba

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