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Friday, 15 March 2002

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fonseca 799 maduromaduro
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It isn't often that everyone agrees on one of our cigar reviews, but this was one of the closest we have every seen. It isn't often that everyone agrees on one of our cigar reviews, but this was one of the closest we have every seen. We're currently checking to find out if our crack gang of guest reviewers somehow has designed a communications network based upon the Hogan's Heroes television show. All things said, it seems the Fonseca 799 has the reviewers holding hands and singing Kumbaya. The appearance of the maduro Fonseca had most singing it's praises. As you can see from the photo, it's a very dark maduro, with the only wrapper drawback mentioned being a dry and papery feel. This isn't your classic roll for cigars, as it looks a bit lopsided, and a couple soft spots can be found. Combine the appearance and the construction of the Fonseca 799, and you have a cigar that passes grade. One of the few cigars that has had across the board overwhelming grades on aroma. Our dark Fonseca received across the board "A's" from the judges, with the exception of one "A-" from a panelist wanting to play "East German" judge. With comments like "it gave off a fabulous perfume, toasted nuts, a little chocolate, and some spice to boot, it was great!" and "aroma was that of very mild coffee. I was pleasantly surprised." the Fonseca seemed to earn its high marks. The flavor didn't score a Romanian Gymnast level of rating, but shouldn't be considered a slouch. With mixed B's, and one A+, there were flavorful aspects to be highlighted. A "mild spice" was often mentioned, with a couple of reviewers mentioning how nice it was to find a maduro cigar that maintained a mellow and consistent flavor. A staple draw and what seems to be a myriad of flavors established the Fonseca 799 with all who reviewed it. Give this cigar a chance. Coming in at around $4, it can be an enjoyable break to the maduros we have all gotten used to. If it weren't for the dryness of the wrapper, and the noted construction issues, this cigar would have easily been higher rated. Vital Statistics: Shape = Grand Corona Length=6 1/2" RG =46 Wrapper = Conn. Brdleaf Filler = Dom. Rep. Binder = Mexico Estimated Cost = $4.00

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