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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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Color us surprised. The Fonseca Triangulares Natural used to be a staple of our smoking rotation...but this was a few years ago, before we started getting plugged cigars and wide variations in quality. Color us surprised. The Fonseca Triangulares Natural used to be a staple of our smoking rotation...but this was a few years ago, before we started getting plugged cigars and wide variations in quality. Recently, when we saw a box of Maduro Triangulares at the local tobacconist, we got a bit melancholy, and decided they were due for a staff review. Glad we're sentimentalists, as this cigar turned out to be a big surprise. Fonseca has 2 premium cigar lines. The first was started in 1962 and was re-blended in 1991. The second line, the Vintage Collection, was introduced in 1998. The Fonseca Triangulares is part of the re-blended original line, but like many brands, was recently introduced with a Connecticut broadleaf maduro wrapper. Mexican binder and Dominican Cibao Valley filler round out the tobaccos used by Fonseca to make the Triangular maduro. While no "hottie" to look at, the Triangulares isn't the ugly stepsister either. A fairly unnoticeable appearance, save for a unique pyramid shape. While truly a pyramid, the Triangulares does have a bit of a blunted end. We liked this, as you don't have to clip off as much of the cigar to get a truly "smokeable" cut. Once lit, we were hit with our first surprise. The draw on this maduro was light an airy, yet provided a marvelous amount of smoke, all while not burning at an inordinate pace. As one of our reviewers mentioned, "a nice trick". The Fonseca Triangulares seems to be a fairly well made cigar. there were some mentions of uneven burn, but nothing that caused any alarm. The lowest grade in the construction area was a "B". As with most cigars, a fairly uneventful pre-smoke can set the table for "taste" carrying your final cigar opinion. It was no different with the Fonseca Triangulares Maduro. "The Fonseca Triangular Maduro gives you a big dose of taste right from the get go. Tongue tingling spice hits your taste buds on the first draw followed by a big dose of earthiness. I also experienced a slight bite, but not enough to make me want to put this big maduro down. I did not find the flavors very complex, but the spice and earthiness never slowed down. As I reached the mid point of this big pyramid, the bite smoothed out and I enjoyed the flavors all the more. I smoked the Triangular past the band." Taste truly was plentiful, not overwhelming, and not to be described as overly strong, but definitely there, and without a doubt enjoyable. The spice's remained consistent from beginning to end...a pretty admirable task coming in a pyramid, where the cigar tends to concentrate flavors as it gets smaller. "My oh my was I surprised by this cigar. The initial taste was pleasant, and the draw was magnificent. The fact that this airy, yet peppery cigar was able to maintain its flavor kept me entertained for a good 1.5 hours." "This just goes to show you that there are still some unexpected pleasures to be had in the cigar world. Thanks Top25Cigar, as I would never had tried this smoke if I hadn't been chosen as a guest reviewer!" "I found the Triangular to be a medium to full-bodied tasting cigar that an experienced smoker would enjoy. The taste is not all that complex, but there is plenty of spice and earthy flavor in every draw. Although not the most beautiful cigar ever made, I think the maduro’s rustic appearance went well with the cigar’s character. I was pleasantly surprised by this smoke and would classify the Triangular as a solid everyday choice for an experienced cigar smoker." You would be doing yourself a favor by trying this cigar. Since we only sampled two boxes, (they come in boxes of ten) we still don't feel we can vouch for consistency, but the two we tried were unanimously lauded. This is a decent priced cigar, that deserves a chance in your lineup. Vital Statistics: Shape = Pyramid Length=5 1/2" RG =56 Wrapper = Connecticut Filler = D.R. Binder = Mexico Estimated Cost = $7.00

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