Gurkha Titan Review and the Arturo Fuente Magnum R Review
Written by Puff Staff

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

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arturo fuentearturo fuente magnum r 58
gurkhagurkha titan


As I take a look at the Magnum R 58, I am impressed, to say the least. A large band sits near the head that displays the Fuente name and logo, as well as the words Rosado Gran Reserva. The band’s gold, red, and white color scheme stands out nicely against the chocolate brown wrapper. Only a little oil is present on the surface. A few medium-sized veins are visible as well, but no major imperfections. The cigar feels firm to the touch with no soft spots and appears to have solid overall construction, which is usually the case with Fuente smokes. The pre-light aroma is of chocolate and the cold taste is sweet, making me believe I am about to have a smooth smoking experience.

Once lit, the Arturo Fuente Magnum R 58 burns well. The draw is good, and the light gray ash holds for more than an inch. The burn is even with the exception of a few times where it needs to correct itself. No re-lights are necessary.

As far as the Fuente Magnum R’s flavor is concerned, I can say that it offers complexity while remaining smooth, just as promised. The Magnum R starts off with a burst of sweetness and cedar. This mild introduction lasts for the entire first third. As we move into the second third things start to strengthen just a bit, but the cigar is still smooth. Sweetness, pepper, and chocolate are noted here. The final third continues with more pepper and cedar, plus nuts. Medium-bodied and delicious are two terms that fit the Fuente Magnum R to a T.

I must admit that I did enjoy smoking the Arturo Fuente Magnum R 58. Its combination of smoothness and complexity make it ideal for both beginners and experienced smokers. If you want something smooth with your cup of coffee in the morning, this is it. The cigar comes in boxes of 25, with a single selling for around $6 each. That is a good value for a quality cigar such as this one, and I suggest going all the way and picking up a box.

The Arturo Fuente Magnum R 58 earns a rating of 3.75 out of four stars.


0 # D.O.Morris Creedon-McVea 2012-08-25 20:35
Gurkha's are like Arturo Fuentes in the late 90's, during that cigar boom. Many were taking a new interest in cigars, but were bewildered by the choices in a walk in humidor. Good advice, when dinero was not an issue for a friend who wanted "a really good cigar" for a Saturday night was: "Any Fuente, a little hemmingway looks over priced, but you'll get you money's worth if you pay attention. Smoke it early in the evening with a single malted neat (you can't go wrong with McAllans, they're both sturdy and make a good fit). Don't smoke the Hemmingway when you're drunk or you'll the whole point." Gurkhas are a new big player, with great taste, superb quality control. I've smoked 7-8 of their now extensive line up, and not a dud; not even an OK---but all top drawer. The draw is perfect. I like to do other things like read or take photos on a casual walk about. I can set the G down for a couple of minutes, and when I pick it back up, it fires right up with one good draw, and the ash continues to build up in perfect symmetry. I smoked a robusto, a really fat one on my back porch, a delightlul 15 mph southern breeze in my face, and it was a great smoke with a perfect 1.5 inch ash before it gently fell to the floor. Now, that's great rolling. Don't expect that from every G, no body can produce even a half a box of rolls that good, but it's a good sign of top drawer rollers. Being a new company they must have stolen several great rollers from other companies (maybe Fuente..LOL!). It take 2-3 decades to learn to roll this well. :lol:

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