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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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hoja yellow band robustoratings and scores
Everybody likes a bargain, and there are no doubts a good $2 cigar would qualify. Everybody likes a bargain, and there are no doubts a good $2 cigar would qualify. We know it's a ~$2.00 cigar, now we need to find out if it qualifies as good! First, some history on the cigar, dug up by our "unofficial Top25Cigar West Coast Correspondent, and highly regarded monthly staff reviewer, "rjs": "The Hoja Yellow Band robusto is made by Universal Cigar, owned by Edward Nikkah, in Esteli, Nicaragua and debuted at the RTDA show in 1996. Universal also makes the Hoja Cubana Cuba 1965 and the Hoja Cubana Perfecto Serie. The above brands, however, shouldn’t be confused with the Hoja Cubana XXO. The XXO is different because it was a joint venture with Tony Borhani of Bahia. The Yellow Band line has a Dominican and Nicaraguan filler and binder with a Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper. The maduro is an Ecuadorian maduro wrapper. For this review we smoked the Ecuadorian wrapper robusto." As we go through this review, you may start thinking we have lapsed into a adjective-less coma, often times induced by watching extended episodes of "Titus". It's not true, we're here, and we are not on life support. It's just that the Hoja Yellow Band Robusto is world class average. Nothing stood out, no horrifying stories of lips turning to mush after smoking, tonsils falling down your throat, or lovely visions of the last ten winners of the Miss World contest. Your looking at the John Doe of cigars. Even so, let's say a few more things about John. The samples we tested had differences in the wrapper shading. Nothing you wouldn't expect out of a bundled cigar. The cigars may have suffered a bit on their travels to our reviewers, as some claimed cracked wrappers. While the wrapper was a touch thin, we attributed the cracking to their travels more than anything else. Make sure you keep them well humidified, as a thin wrapper dries out quickly. The cigar was average normal (we needed to activate the thesaurus, this is getting to be a theme!) in construction, not to hard, and not to firm. The draw was average common, and easy to keep lit. The ash, although multicolored, varying with blacks and grays, had no major faults, and was of course average typical. The common theme when reviewers were describing the taste of the Hoja Yellow Band Robusto was "varying". It seems each cigar wanted to stray a bit from the mother ship, and develop its own personality.. You can't really blame the little guys, when cooped up with such an average ordinary bunch of siblings, a few body-piercings or deep ink tattoos are to be expected. The Hoja Yellow Band Robustos are worth trying if your looking to fill that "everyday inexpensive" smoke slot that we all have. Of course there are better cigars in the world than the Hoja, but for a couple bucks, this may grow on you. Vital Statistics: Shape = Robusto Length=5" RG =50 Wrapper = Ecuador Filler = Nicaragua, Hon. Binder = Honduras Estimated Cost = $2.50

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