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Saturday, 08 March 2008

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kentucky gentlemen kentucky twistratings and scores

 Kentucky Gentlemen Kentucky Twist

Read the cigar reviews and cigar ratings for the Kentucky Gentlemen Kentucky Twist.

Review by Whitefish

Wrapper - Connecticut shade & Connecticut broadleaf maduro
Binder - Dominican
Filler - Dominican & Nicaragua

Construction Comments:

A gorgeous “barber pole” torpedo. Flawless construction. The kind of cigar you almost hate to smoke because it looks so nice sitting front & center in the humidor. Kind of like a stupid supermodel…you love to show her of, but would never want to marry her.

Prelight aroma and flavor:

Now I was kind of scared. I pulled the cigar out of the bag & it smelled like I went camping with a dominatrix…Nothing but hickory smoke & leather. I will be honest, it was an odd smell. Not bad just different.


This was the only problem I had with the cigar. The Maduro part of the wrapper did not want to burn, so I had to keep re-touching it. But it was worth the hasle & wasn’t a Huge problem, just a minor irritant.


I had just finished a bottle of flavored water. I believe it was Grape, but it didn’t really have any effect on the smoke.

Smoking Notes:

So I trot myself out to the garage & it was lots colder than I thought it was going to be. I checked the temp & it was 22…hmmm do I really want to do this? I went ahead & cut the cigar & tested the draw. It was pretty tight. I don’t mind a draw that is a little tight, but I didn’t want to try & suck a bowling ball through a hose, either. I cut just a bit more of the end & it was still a bit tight but doable. I lit the end & it fired up quickly & easily. The first few puffs produced a good amount of smoke, so the draw was not an issue after all. The flavor was that of pepper. It actually had a really nice pepper flavor, but it wasn’t spicy, if that makes sense. Basically it had the flavor, but didn’t burn in my throat. That went away after a bit & was replaced by an equally as excellent earthy flavor. About halfway through I was amazed at how much I was enjoying this cigar. I remember sitting out there, freezing my butt off, & thinking Hell Yeah!! So as I got towards the end of this Great cigar it changed & went somewhere I never expected it to. First I got a real faint strawberry flavor, it was really faint but there for sure. But even stronger than that was the flavor, no joking, of hush puppies. I know it sounds like I am making that up, but trust me I have the belly to prove I know what a hush puppy tastes like & that cigar tasted like a hush puppy! A damn good hush puppy too!! I was hoping for some shrimp next but that flavor never showed up.

Overall Experience and Rating;

Obviously I really liked this cigar. While I was smoking it, I looked up the price on the internet to see how much it would cost to buy more. I HIGHLY recommend this cigar. By far the best I have had in a while. This guy was my teacher’s pet for the 90+ minutes I spent with him, thus he easily earned an A.

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Here's a review of the same cigar with different results. Remember that everyone's tastes are different and this proves it.

Review by CRider

Construction Comments - Torpedo with barberstripe wrapper, some veins. Overall it’s ok but nothing remarkable. The cap looks like the roller was a little heavy on the glue.

Prelight aroma and flavor - Woodsy smell with a sort of “funk” to it…almost smells a little like feet.

Burn – Easy 2 match light, lots of good white smoke. A very woodsy and slightly bitter flavor to it, still carrying a sort of “funk” to the flavor although I don’t think it tastes like feet.

Drink – Coffee

Smoking Notes - 1/3 of the way through and the cigar hasn’t changed except for maybe increasing a bit in the intensity of flavor. The problem is, it’s not much flavor: sorta a woodsy/weedy/bitter kind of flavor and still has a slight “funk” to it that I just can’t explain. ½ way through the cigar and the only change is that it’s increased in bitterness. Shortly after I had to put the cigar down as the bitterness just increased and ultimately began to give me a headache. It did burn evenly and had a nice light grey ash

Overall Experience and Rating – I have to give this cigar a D. It’s possible that it’s just not to my tastes and I missed something, but overall it was just not enjoyable.

Touchups – 0
Relights - 1

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