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Saturday, 05 April 2008

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churchillla aurora 1495 churchill

La Aurora 1495 Churchill

Read the cigar reviews and cigar ratings for the La Aurora 1495 Churchill.

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La Aurora 1495 Churchill Average Rating: C+  (See Info on Ratings Here Opens in new window)
Made in:
Dominican Republic
Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Dominican Corojo and Ligero
Reviewer 1: Whitefish

Rating: C

Construction Comments:
Nice. Firm & attractive. Like a leg from a sexy Brazilian model!
Pre-light Aroma and Flavor:
Very good. Woody & earthy.
Decent. I needed to touch it up a few times.
Smoking Notes:
It started off pretty well. A lit bit of light wood, coffee, leather, & a slight hint of spice. That all disappeared quickly & the cigar settled into a consistent, if not boring, light woody flavor that was neither complex nor overpowering. That wood flavor stayed for the rest of the smoke, which was a long time on a Churchill!
Overall Experience and Rating:
The flavor on this guy wasn't bad, by any means, but I think a Churchill was a little too much of a good thing. If this had been a Robusto, I think it would've been better. I got REALLY bored bye the end & wasn't sad when I had to put it down. So it wasn't bad, just kind of boring......C.
Reviewer 2: CRider

Rating: C-

Construction Comments:
Nice medium dark wrapper, a little darker than milk chocolate. Smooth construction, no major veins and a smooth cap.
Pre-light Aroma and Flavor:
Slight cedar smell and taste to it with just a hint of pepper.
Easy two match light, very smooth draw.
Smoking Notes:
This cigar has started out pretty mild but with good smoke. It has a slight cedar flavor to it mixed with something I can’t figure out, but maybe slightly fruity or flowery. It’s a bit too mild for me, at least so far. The ash is a nice color of grey but getting flaky about an inch into the cigar. The overall flavor is pretty straight tobacco with the cedar and other flavor having disappeared. I’m about half way through the cigar at this point and it’s “ok”. Not bad, but not great. Mainly tobacco flavor which isn’t bad if that’s your thing. There’s a hint of spice, but barely at all.
Overall Experience and Rating:
Overall, it just wasn’t a cigar for me. I don’t think it was a bad cigar, but it really didn’t fit my tastes. It was mild for the most part with a tobacco flavor and not much else. It did go out on me twice requiring relights and required more work than I felt it should to keep it going. The smoke did last about 2 hours and produced a good volume of nice smoke. I found it to be bland and would give it a C-
Reviewer 3: skeletor121

Rating: B+

Construction Comments:
Fairly veiny, very slight give (not very spongey), and does not appear oily.
Pre-light Aroma and Flavor:
Smells flowery (kind of like honeysuckle). Good cut, nice medium draw with a taste of raisins/leather.
Very good, even burn. Started off w/an uneven light but it fixed itself w/in first ½”. Cigar lasted around an hour and a half.
Diet Coke w/Lime
Smoking Notes:
Nice white smoke, fairly thick and a nice white ash. 1st half inch: All I’ve tasted that I can put my finger on is pepper. There is something else there, but I just can’t figure out what it is. Around 1.5” in a slight creamy taste surfaced. Almost around the half way point it lost the creamy taste, being replaced by a leathery taste. A slight cedar smell came out in the last 1/3rd of the cigar. The pepper was there the whole time.
Overall Experience and Rating:
This was a good cigar. There was barely any smell throughout the whole cigar. I usually don’t like long cigars, but this one was good. I feel it would be a good fall to cigar when you have at least an hour and a half to smoke. Rate it at a B+.
Reviewer 4: 19redwings

Rating: B-

Construction Comments:
Somewhat bumpy, lighter veins. Very firm.
Pre-light Aroma and Flavor:
Unassuming smell. However the prelight BJ “BAM” lots of pepper!
Very consistent, tight white/grey ash.
Gin martini
Smoking Notes:
A bit earthy. On the strong side, I would liken to a Nic as it numbed my tongue a bit. Earth gave way to some leather, but nothing came through as a leader. Lots of smoke from each pull. As it got down to the last third the spice finally came through making this a much better cigar. Never harsh, never bit back.
Overall Experience and Rating:
Started as a C/C-, uneventful. At the end, I would give it a B so for the average B-. Give yourself 2 hours for this one.

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