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Monday, 09 September 2013

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chisel chapter onela flor dominicana
lfdlito gomez

As the second third came to a close, the flavor typically stayed the same, with some slight kicks of pepper here n’ there.
The aroma of the cigar maintained it’s spicy, woody, and sometimes its leathery smell, but the smell of oats had completely disappeared, or became incredibly faint. I experimented by not retrohaleing during the entire smoke, to the same effect.


LFD Chisel Chapter One

As the last third began, the taste here was sometimes reminiscent of what I can only describe as a very mellow earth. Alternatively, I sometimes tasted a creamy smooth flavor coupled with a slight nut taste. This was almost ubiquitously followed by a very short lived explosion of spice and earth. On the one or two occasions where the body did not reach its peak in the second thirds ‘spicy kicks’, I typically found myself getting a good little wallop of strength after this, at least in the robust sticks.

The final third of the Chapter One is the least consistent of the three sections. These combinations of flavor and their intensity varied greatly from stick to stick.

All in all, this was a very worthwhile smoke for me. Keeping in mind that the spice I have described is a departure from what is usual for LFD. The very shape of this cigar will keep me coming back to it for a long time to come. As pinching, cutting, or punching through the chisel alters the smoke in ways any cigar enthusiast can appreciate. 


LFD Chisel Chapter One


I would recommend it to anyone who likes a strong, smooth, but complex cigar.  While inconsistent in strength, I enjoyed all of the cigars I smoked very much.  Retailing for around $11 or so, I felt it was worth the price. My only real complaints are that some sticks were all power with little flavor, and I was disappointed that some of sticks weren’t as full as some others.  Furthermore, despite the aid of a thin yellow ribbon placed under the cigars, they were at times difficult to remove from the box.

This run of the Chisel Chapter One is a must try. As Antonio’s first attempt, this already a good cigar that can only get better! 

Look for more cigar reviews from me in the future and let me know if you've had a chance to try the LFD Chisel Chapter One and what your thoughts and impressions are of this cigar.

Mark W. Wells

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