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Wednesday, 26 April 2006

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la perla habana maduroratings and scores

Stats – 7 inch or 135-centimetre length 
52 Ring Gauge

You might believe that this is another Cuban cigar. I mean they spell Havana the old way of spelling it – HABANA. And we all know that only REAL Cuban cigars spell Havana with a “b” instead of a “v”. Well if that is how you know a REAL Cuban cigar from all of the fakes that are out there, then I have a great deal for you on a bridge, an oil lease and a whole truckload of REAL Cuban Cigars! Send me your email and lets work out the details!

The La Perla Habana is a Dominican cigar, hand rolled and the Maduro is just one of the four blends that this fairly new (founded in 1997) cigar company produces.

The Maduro is a very black, rich looking cigar. It looks mean and it is definitely not for the beginner. In fact, you might think the Maduro has been painted to look like a fine black Chevy Camaro that is ready to race down the street at 100 miles per hour. Yes, I really like the looks and the feel of this cigar.

When you put it to your nose it has a full earth aroma. It feels firm and rolls between the fingers like a cigar worth ten times what you will pay for this beauty. Best of all it lights easily and burns smoothly.

The earthy aroma continues through the smoking of this cigar. It begins mildly and continues to build throughout the enjoyment of the cigar. You can compare the enjoyment of the cigar to a favorite piece of music that starts off with a nice slow beat, but builds to a crescendo of sound. 

I like this cigar because you can "roll" it, which means you can inhale through your mouth and exhale through your nose. Many cigars will tear your sinuses right out they are so rough, but the La Perla Habana is perfect in the mouth and rolls out your nostrils with ease. It is a cigar with what I call "pure smoke" or a cigar that is as good in your mouth as it is exhaling out your nose. This cigar always makes my nose tingle and that is magnificent.

Another big concern for me when I smoke a cigar is the "heat" of the stick. Does the cigar get hotter in your mouth the longer you smoke it? For me a cigar that smokes cool all the way through is a great cigar. These are few and far, but the La Perla Habana is one of these cigars, you smoke it all the way down to your fingertips because you do not want the enjoyment to end.

I have always said another sign of a good cigar is the ash it produces. The whiter the ash, the better the cigar. The tighter the ash, the better the cigar. The longer the ash is before it falls off on its own, the better the cigar. Well the La Perla Habana Maduro produces a very nice ash, very white in color with a few black spots here and there. I must state that the ash was well over one and a half inches long before it fell off. Just another sign of how well constructed this cigar is.
La Perla Habana Cigar

So here is my rating for the La Perla Habana Maduro:
The Buddy Factor – He stayed around for the WHOLE THING.
The Angela Factor – She said the aroma was wonderful. 

My score is a 96 because of the great smoke I had for almost an hour and a half, but most of all because the value of the cigar really makes it worthwhile for the seasoned cigar connoisseur. 

Why do I not suggest beginners try this cigar? Simply for the fact the nuances of the flavors are very intricate and could easily overwhelm a beginner. I would suggest the La Perla Habana Classic for a beginner that has some experience.

Cigar Guy Tim Reporting from Australia





Cigar Guy Tim
Reporting from
Down Under

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