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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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la tradicionla tradicion cubana pyramid
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We thought of no better way to open this review than to share some of the opening quotes we saw from our 3 guest reviewers. We thought of no better way to open this review than to share some of the opening quotes we saw from our 3 guest reviewers. It's no doubt the La Tradicion Cubana will surprise you with its size. Read these quotes, and then remember, we tested the Pyramid with measurements of 6.5" x 76 RG. La Tradicion also will produce a "Great Pyramid" at 8.5" x 80 RG! "You have got to be kidding me, this cigar looks like one of the 7 Wonders of the World!" "I can't bring myself to smoke it, I'm scared. I think it's in the other room looking at me right now." Introduced in 1995, the Miami made La Tradicion Cubana line of cigars is produced under the watchful eye of Luis Sanchez. Sanchez prides himself on the quality of his smokes and his adherence to the traditional Cuban cigar making techniques, thus the name: La Tradicion Cubana. La Tradicion cigars are made from a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan filler, Honduran binder and either Ecuadorian or Indonesian natural wrappers. The full-bodied maduro wrapper comes from Mexico. The resulting cigars have a reputation for full flavor and consistency at a fair price. But the question is whether the massive Pyramid could live up to La Tradicion's heritage. We we're going to dedicate a paragraph to how this cigar looked, but decided against it. Take a look at our picture, it may not do the cigar justice, but you'll get the general feel. Big. This was a fairly well made cigar. It takes a lot of lighter to get the thing going, but once your there, it burns remarkably smooth for it's size. Once lit, the Incredible Pyramid produced lots of smoke and an aroma that was classic cigar. Very aromatic with a little woody with some spice. The ash is a nice gray, and consistent throughout the smoke. We had some complaints about the wrapper, and admittedly it was thin. It tore easy if mishandled, and was apt to come off or crack during smoking if you weren't careful. How do we classify the flavor? It is without question a full bodied cigar, but not from the outset. The La Tradicion Cubana Pyramid is full-bodied like a locomotive is powerful. As you begin smoking the Pyramid the flavor is mild and fairly quiet, but as the ring gauge decreases, the flavor increase dramatically until you find yourself face down on the tracks staring at the locomotive you thought was so small from a mile away. We find it continually amazing that a cigar with these massive amounts of tobacco in it can be relatively free of aftertaste. The filler tobacco is from 1996, and the wrapper is five years old itself, so chalk one up for proper ageing before release. "This is a smoker’s smoke. It’s a big, bad, intimidating stogie that gives a big dose of taste and power. The cigar’s shape and size get your attention from the start. The taste and strength take over after you light it up. The Pyramid creates expectations and for the most part, I think, fulfills them." La Tradicion Cubana stayed true to it's heritage with the Pyramid. This is the Humvee of cigars, big enough to take you anywhere. When you sit down to wrestle with a cigar this size, and packing this flavor, be ready for an enjoyable journey. We only found two faults in our samples, and can only hope they are minimized as production increase. The weak wrappers were a mild downer, nut we also noticed some differences from cigar to cigar. Overall, this is fun to play with, and has a "Cool Factor" just for it's size. Worth a shot, just be's watching you! Vital Statistics: Shape = Pyramid Length=6 1/2" RG =75 Wrapper = Connecticut Filler = D.R., Nicaragua Binder = D.R. Estimated Cost = $8.00

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