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Friday, 15 March 2002

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la tradicionla tradicion cubana torpedo
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La Tradicion Cubana is not one of the best known brands of cigars, but after reading the rest of this review, it may become one. La Tradicion Cubana is not one of the best known brands of cigars, but after reading the rest of this review, it may become one. We were first introduced to this brand 3-4 years ago at a street fundraiser in San Francisco for one of their many orchestral artistic groups. During this day long celebration we noticed a guy at a small booth rolling cigars for people. Not wanting to speak with the "artsy" crowd much longer, we sauntered off and got ourselves a freshly rolled stogie, and a business card. When we got back to frozen Minnesota and tried to find these at any local tobacconist we were out of luck. So when we had the chance to review a box of La Tradicion Cubana Torpedoes, we dove (get it, dove...torpedo) at the chance. Light up this torpedo, and you'll soon realize that this puppy can be easily categorized as a "manly" cigar. No offense to your female aficionados out there, but this is a robust and filling smoke, the "porterhouse" of cigars. Once you see the intricate band, you wonder if the cigar can match it's comes another marketing let down, right? Wrong. All of our reviewers, including our first "Guest Staff" (thanks Tony!) noted that the La Tradicion Cubana delivered on its expectations. Okay, so you know it's on the strong side, anything else? There is a very noticeable aroma from this cigar, not overpowering, not "Lars-like" unique, but almost an old-world kind of tang. The aroma was noted as "hanging around longer than my mother-in-law". The ash is a firm, natural gray, and hangs on for awhile as well. Our guest reviewer summed up a feeling many of the tasters had, basically that although this is a strong cigar, its personality is one-dimensional, and lacking a bit of complexity we have gotten used to in a stronger cigar. Although this was seen as a negative by most, it is the only one experienced. This is a must try, especially at these prices. Check out the La Tradicion Cubana website for the retailer nearest you, as we still can't find them around here! Vital Statistics: Shape = Torpedo Length=6 1/2" RG=54 Wrapper = Ecuador Filler = Dominican Republic, Honduras Binder =Honduras Estimated Cost = $5.00

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