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Friday, 15 March 2002

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There is no other line of cigars that has created the debate that surrounds the Lars Tetens line. There is no other line of cigars that has created the debate that surrounds the Lars Tetens line. The reviews left by people on Top25Cigar indicate you either love them or hate them, with a pretty even split in those respects. So when we saw our first Acid cigar there was chuckling out loud. Lars Tetens had this category of cigar (whatever that "category" is called.) to his own for a long time, this was such a blatant attempt at being "Lars-like" that we knew the war was on. So we decided to add our own little fuel to the fire, and compare a Lars and an Acid cigar this month. Does a copycat legitimize the Lars? Did it even need to be legitimized? Oh well, we like a little change, and if nothing else, these two lines of cigars are a change from the norm. As you can see, we picked the Lars Tetens Phat Shorty, and the Acid Atom. Why…well, we could buy the Shorty at a local tobacconist, and not knowing much about the Acid line, the Atom seemed to be about the same size. What were trying to say, is these may not be the cigars the manufacturers would want, or say, compare to each other. Then again, we pride ourselves on not being slaves to the manufacturers, so why start now. Looks: Both cigars have the "old world" look to them. With the classic Cuban foot, and the rustic construction, they're fairly similar in this respect. The Acid has a lighter wrapper, and the Lars looks a bit richer and more complex. If we had to pick a winner in this category, the edge would go to the richer looking Lars Tetens Phat Shorty. Pre-Smoke Aroma: Here's where both of these cigars get much of their attention. All our reviewers liked the smell. It's different, pleasant, and makes you want to give the cigar a try. Both are supposedly cured in some 3000-year-old South American method. Yeah, whatever, what does it taste like? No edge here folk, both were significantly odoriffic. In fact, don't ever leave either of these cigars, or others from their families for that matter, in your humidor with other smokes. Their odor will attack, and attack fast. Soon you'll have a humidor full smelling like this. Construction: All samples were punch cut when they were smoked. Neither of the caps came off, remaining fairly secure. There was a difference in the ash. The Acid was soft and white, not so soft to be overly noticeable, but still on the squashy side. Lars was a bit firmer, seemingly rolled a touch better. Edge here goes to Lars. Taste: Who cares about all the rest of that stuff if you taste a great cigar? Umm, what if you don't taste a great cigar? We didn't. We tasted one "better than average", and one "average if were nice". Lars had the taste we expected, a semi-strong, different taste that keeps you guessing. It's almost impossible to describe unless you have sniffed one of these puppies. Wait until the internet gets smells, then maybe this review would mean something. This is a smoky flavored old man with again, unique characteristics. We've had better Phat Shorty's than our samples. Acid was not nearly as unique, more closely resembling what we're all used to in cigars. Maybe they missed one of those lines in the South American curing recipe? This cigar was noted for an unpleasant aftertaste, most of our panel touched on the subject. Advantage: Lars Tetens Phat Shorty. Price: We paid $13.00 skins for the Lars Tetens Phat Shorty. (Don't email us saying you can get them cheaper, we know…we're just stating the facts.) The Acid Atom was $6.50, less than ½ the price of the Lars. We're not going to be inserting either of these cigars into our regular cigar line-up, but if we we're forced to, it would be tough to ignore that price difference. Advantage Acid Atom. Summary: These two cigars are definitely unique, and for that sake alone worth a try. These smokes generate such debate, that's it's hard for anyone's opinions to help influence others. So, what the heck, try something different, if for nothing else the novelty, and then make up your mind! Vital Statistics Acid Atom: Shape = Robusto Length = 5" RG = 50 Wrapper =Cameroon, Indonesian USA/Connecticut Filler =Nicaragua Binder = Nicaragua Estimated Cost = $ 6.50 Vital Statistics Lars Tetens Phat Shorty: Shape = Robusto Length = 5 1/4" RG = 50 Wrapper =Cameroon USA/Connecticut Filler =Dominican Republic Binder = Dominican Republic Estimated Cost = $ 13.00

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