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Friday, 15 March 2002

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maria mancinimaria mancini magic mountain
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When you bring up the term "Magic Mountain", the first thing most people think about is a place in Florida where people are running around wearing funny ears. When you bring up the term "Magic Mountain", the first thing most people think about is a place in Florida where people are running around wearing funny ears. The folks at Flor de Maria Mancini are out to change all that. Three amazing things happened when we reviewed the Maria Mancini Magic Mountain: First, we found a cigar with the "marketed harder than Viagra" (no pun intended!) H2000 wrapper that actually had some people smiling. Second, we just loved the name..."Magic Mountain"...makes you feel good. Third, we had to go back and double check the price of these box-pressed sticks, as it seemed almost to good to be true. A "B+" rating from our Staff Reviews is nothing to sneeze at. Look at the company your in, Fuente Short Story and Graycliff Pirate, among others. So how to you top a $2 (or under!) cigar that rates among with them? You don't, you just accept the fact that Christmas comes in December! Here we go! The Maria Mancini Magic Mountain, was a great looking smoke. The hard box pressed torpedo shape is almost perfect. The wrapper is rich and has a gorgeous oily sheen. Our picture doesn't do the cigar justice, as this puppy qualifies as "humidor candy". Once cut the draw is very free flowing, perhaps a touch on the open side, it's a minor irritant that can easily be forgotten. One of our guest reviewers described the beginnings of his experience as follows: "When I light it, the aroma it let off was very pleasing, a little pungent, leather and earth, I liked it. The first few puffs let me know that I was in for a treat." As with most of the H2000 wrappers, we have experienced a stronger than average taste, and a heady, borderline disgusting aftertaste. In the Magic Mountain, both were tempered. The taste was still strong, but not overpowering. Aftertaste is the biggest flaw we found, hanging on far to long. There were no reviewers brutalizing the Maria Mancini, just average and above average reviews. When you add it all up, you have a well made cigar that looks like a killer, a price that makes cigars "real" again, coupled with a bit of a aftertaste. Our suggestion is to snap up some of these ASAP, and age them...age them well! Who knows, the H2000 wrapper may calm down over time, and eliminate some of the "flavor hang", and if it does, all you have is a $2 world class cigar on your hands. Merry Christmas! Vital Statistics: Shape = Torpedo Length=6" RG = 54 Wrapper = H2000 Filler = Honduras Binder = Honduras Estimated Cost = $2.00

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