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Friday, 15 March 2002

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maduromayroga robusto maduro
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Our Mayorga Robusto Maduro review is a month late because three of the five reviewers never turned in reviews! Our Mayorga Robusto Maduro review is a month late because three of the five reviewers never turned in reviews! We're not sure if we should interpret this as... A) The Mayorga Robusto is so good, these guys wanted to keep quiet so the whole world wouldn't find out. or B) The Mayorga Robusto was so bad that our reviewers didn't think it even deserved a write-up. Either way we have one regular reviewer, and two guest reviewers that won't be seeing anymore free cigars! It turns out (after sending out more cigars, and finally getting reviews back) that neither of the above is true. The Mayorga Robusto maduro is a good looking box pressed cigar, that seemed to be found serviceable by just about everyone. The construction of this cigar is above average for what you would expect from this price range, allowing for a perfect draw and a burn that doesn't vary. The aroma was described by one reviewer as "common cigar, nothing bad, just a good old honest to goodness cigar aroma. Won't win any contests, but doesn't disappoint either." People varied as they struggled to describe the taste of the Mayorga Robusto. Most people came through with an average this, average that, etc., etc.. There were no comments about extreme strength or weakness, wild fruits, spices or even Madagascar vanilla, in fact people seemed to enter a "adjective free zone" when writing their summaries. This really stumped us, as we had high expectations for this cigar, and the folks at CA even pumped this up with a "90". One often noted problem was the aftertaste, one reviewer who described himself as an "aggressive cigar smoker" relayed "this puppy left a taste in my mouth for the next day, and it wasn't pleasant. I liked most everything else about this stogie, but that aftertaste would prevent me from trying it again." We don't want to give the impression that only an "aggressive cigar smoker" will experience this aftertaste, as 4 out of 5 reviewers mentioned a strong lingering unpleasant aftertaste. What can you take from all this...for the price, it's worth a try to make your own decision, this may or may not be the cigar for you. We wish we had more to say on this line of cigars, we really don't feel this review did the cigar justice, and reserve the right to give Mayorga another shot. Perhaps the best thing you can do is check out their website and learn more. Mayorga Website We also heard they have some great coffee to accent their cigars. Vital Statistics: Shape = Robusto Length=4 3/4" RG=50 Wrapper = Costa Rica Filler = Nicaragua Binder = Nicaragua Estimated Cost = $2.75

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