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Friday, 15 March 2002

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double coronamontecristo
montecristo double coronaratings and scores
It's been awhile since five guys have all said that a cigar was smoked past the ring, and kept the same flavor throughout. I never would have thought it, not in a million years. So here I am partaking in my portion of the Staff Review for the Montecristo Double Corona (which is actually a Toro) wondering if I maybe just got lucky and received a couple of damn smooth cigars. I mean what are the odds, this ain't one of the hyped smokes, this isn't a cigar that's make you the "cigar stud" of your party, it's a Dominican Montecristo for God's sake, it isn't even a Cuban Montecristo! It must be me, this burning love stick must just appeal to my warped sense of cigars. Nope. Fuggetabawtit. It appealed to all five reviewers...and in a Monica Lewinsky pre-Jenny Craig sorta way. (That would be "big way" for those of you scoring at home.) I probably shouldn't have mentioned Monica since some of our comments were the following: "This is as close to a multiple orgasm I've gotten since senior prom." and "When I was done with this one, I felt like I should smoke a cigarette and gloat". Here's the facts. Wrapper...nice light Connecticut, brazen and perfect, no flaws. Construction, well lets just leave it to be said that the roller of these cigars gives a damn. Solid everywhere, at the start, in the middle, and at the end. Let's go for the construction trifecta and have the perfect ash as well, color and "hang time" Oh yeah, least we forget, flavor. It's been awhile since five guys have all said that a cigar was smoked past the ring, and kept the same flavor throughout. No mood swings, no tin attacks, just solid, consistent smooth and robust flavor. I don't know what else to say. When you get to try as many cigars as some of our reviewers do, it's this kind of cigar that reaffirms your belief that there are some great cigars out there. Not just great marketing. Only one caveat, the box of Montecristo Double Coronas that were used for this tasting were 753 days old. That's right, these little silken silos had been stored in our humidor for 2 years and 23 days. Tell you what, if you can get this caliber of smoke from storing them that long, tuck 'em away baby. Vital Statistics: Shape = Toro Length = 6 1/4 " RG = 50 Wrapper = USA/Connecticut Filler = Dominican Republic Binder = Dominican Republic Estimated Cost = $8.00

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