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Friday, 15 March 2002

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montecristo no. 2ratings and scores
Here's another cigar that will have trouble living up to its reputation, no matter how mouth-watering it is! Here's another cigar that will have trouble living up to its reputation, no matter how mouth-watering it is! With exception to perhaps two or three other Cuban cigars, the Montecristo No. 2 is the most talked about, bragged about, sought after, and often times challenging to locate of Cuban cigars. This was one of our better tastings from an "event" standpoint. Our Canadian host was nice enough to allow us to sample these from the beauty of his home! Just look at that cigar to the right (one of the actual samples that was smoked), it looks regal, like your supposed to bow upon being received by it. The mystique of Cuban cigars definitely lives on. The big question they deserve it? Two separate boxes of Montecristo No. 2's were used for the tasting. We mention this as the individual boxes were very different. No sisters here, they were not identical twins. We understand there are differences among boxes, but this was unique. The first box was a light brown wrapper, and didn't do much for us, the second samples were a richer shade, and were without a doubt some of the finest cigars in the world. The manufacture date on the boxes was also only two months apart. Just wish we would have shot a picture of both to show you! Keep that above paragraph in mind as you read the rest of the review. All cigars lit and burned perfectly, you couldn't ask for more. The ash was a affluent white, it seems a color you can only get on the finer Cubans. All enjoyed watching their cigars burn. When the ash drops on your pants, you'll have second thoughts about brushing it off. In general there are no complaints about construction, burn, ash, and aroma. All lived up to the heightened expectations of this classic cigar. Let us skip to taste, as this is the area that bewildered us. Each reviewer smoked two cigars from each box. We smoked the lighter samples first, and started looking around at each other as though someone had played a nasty joke on us. This was not the monster cigar we expected. This was a good cigar, some variations in flavor, well made, and enjoyable to smoke, but by no means "mouth Christmas" as we expected. If we had stopped with these samples...a B+ would have been on the generous side. Option 2, the gorgeous box! Dripping with an oily coating, you wondered if this cigar would even light. Light it did...almost instantly, and correcting you for an uneven start. This Monte No. 2 was everything expected. When folks had some casual smokes later, the first box was left alone, while box two was snatched up quicker than free agents by the Orlando Magic. Here would have been our first A+, but we have to consider both. Since we're generous folk, and readily admit to falling a bit for the "Cuban mystique", we have to give an "A". Buyer beware though, the rumors of inconsistent cigars coming out of Cuba was experienced first hand. If we had bought the first box sight unseen, we would have been pissed. Vital Statistics: Shape = Torpedo Length=6 1/8" RG =52 Wrapper =Cuba Filler = Cuba Binder =Cuba Estimated Cost=$35 (Canadian

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