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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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neptune force 2 titanideratings and scores
Top25Cigar has been accused of pleasantly deceiving our guest reviewers, and we stand guilty as charged! Top25Cigar has been accused of pleasantly deceiving our guest reviewers, and we stand guilty as charged! For the third week of May we publish our review of Neptune Cigar's new offering, their "Force 2" line of cigars. Neptune was created in 1997 by Christophe Normand. The creation of Neptune was mainly based on one original concept: to offer the best quality cigars packed in the most elegant humidor box at the lowest possible price. After one year of research, design, and tobacco blending, the Neptune brand was born. Trying to maintain the lowest possible price, Neptune decided to sell exclusively on the Internet. We are reviewing Neptune’s second-generation cigar, the Force 2 Titanide. Answering the call for a more full-bodied smoke, Neptune did more than add a maduro wrapper; they created a completely new blend. The filler is piloto cubano Nicaragua Cuban seed tobacco while the binder is Indonesian, and the wrapper is Ecuador brown leaf. This is a complete departure from the original all Dominican tobacco line. We like the following comments, posted "tongue in cheek" when one of our more seasoned reviewers left his review of the Neptune "Force 2" Titanide. "Floral and spice aroma from a Neptune? Paul isn't playing a trick on us is he?" "I usually find the floral taste only in cigars with Cuban tobacco. This taste, along with the balance between spice and earthy flavors sets the Neptune apart from other non-isom cigars. Has Neptune discovered something other non-Cuban cigar makers have missed? Or is Paul messing with us?" Okay, we get the hint, we may be a bit slow, but even Top25Cigar understands the message being sent. The original line of Neptune cigars, although received well, may be a bit on the mild side for many cigar smokers. If your a follower of the above opinion, hang on, as the following review may be what your looking for. Neptune sent us these cigars gratis, and that always makes us nervous. We tell it like we hear it (and receive the obligatory hate mail that comes with that habit), and never enjoy giving a negative review of a cigar from a company we admire. Having put ourselves in a position where we may have to do this, we sent 10 reviewers samples of these cigars, instead of the normal 5. We also excluded the normal staff reviewers who had reviewed the prior Neptune's. Now, were not sure what difference all that would make, if nothing other than giving us more data, and new opinions to fall back on. We promise to tell've been told. Beginning the experience with the Neptune, all reviewers who had smoked prior Neptune cigars mentioned the pre-light aroma, and wondered aloud where Neptune was going. Described as a "light spice", many eyebrows were raised as expectations were changing. Was this going to hit the full-bodied spot? (Editors Note: Of the 10 reviewers, 5 guest, and 5 regular, 3 of the guests had prior experience with Neptune cigars.) This cigar, although billed as stronger than the initial Neptune line of cigars, does not look drastically different, albeit a touch darker. "For a non-maduro, it’s a pretty good-looking cigar, except for the band." While we are on the subject of looks, it seems we had a couple reviewers take offense with the band. Words like wimpy, weak, and our favorite, "like something from a dang cartoon" were used in comment. While a band does not effect the taste of a cigar, it can effect the anticipated smoking experience. Perhaps wrapping the cigar in a picture of Neptune spearing some nasty ocean dwelling monster would be a better fit? Better yet, send a bunch of free boxes to those lumberjack guys in the ESPN Extreme games, now you'll get some "band" respect! Back to reality. Quality was above average, with a few mentions of awkward draws, and spongy feel. Nothing noted as changing the taste or making the cigar unsmokeable, just some crooked burns. The cigar seemed to satisfy in it's promise of bringing the power over the original line. While you can call this a strong cigar from Neptune, it might not qualify as a strong cigar in some other manufacturers lines. The Neptune "Force 2" Titanide might just be that perfect combination of strength without being overbearing. "...the aroma of the cigar before lighting indicated a stronger smoke than what I experienced. It was medium bodied, it seemed to go from leather to wood to paper with a short pleasant aftertaste. It satisfied my desire for a cigar and was worth the money (even if I had paid for it)." "This is a medium to full bodied cigar with complex tastes and not much power. The Force 2 Titanide is a well made, great looking cigar with full flavors. You can’t ask for much more than that. A little age will probably help." If you get a chance check out the Neptune Force 2 line of cigars. Our reviewers seemed to settle on the fact that Neptune is delivering a full-bodied cigar, without being overbearing. If you couple those reviews with the price and service from Neptune, you have a no-brainer. Try the green box! We've also included a link to their website in the margin. Vital Statistics: Shape = Churchill Length=6 7/8" RG =46 Wrapper = Ecuador Filler=Nic. (Piloto Cubano) Binder = Indonesia Estimated Cost = $5.00 - Boxed $4.50 - Bundle

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