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Thursday, 01 June 2006

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nino vasquez robustoratings and scores

Nino Vasquez Robusto CigarI picked this fine cigar up here in Australia. It was in the box the store has for samples that have been sent to the store and they do not plan to carry the brand. I am grateful they did not want the cigar; it has given me the chance to write this review for you. It was a smoke and that gave me 45 minutes of contradictions.

The NINO VASQUEZ I acquired was a nice 48 gauge, 5-inch or 175 centimetre long Robusto. The cigar had a very dark outer leaf, an excellent cap and rolled in the fingers very well. Unlit the aroma of the cigar was a medium bounty of earthy and a hint of spicy flavor. It looked like a nice cigar that would be a good smoke.

This cigar was very easy to light, had an excellent draw, but burned very unevenly for the next ¾ of an hour. The taste was very rugged, not smooth at all. It was impossible to "roll" this cigar through your nose, it was so hard on the nostrils I thought I would need a nose job after I finished it. I guess if you had sinus problems, this would be a cigar to clear those puppies right up!

Although the ash grew to 1-½ inches before falling off, it was very dark grey to black in color. After completing about 2/3 of the cigar, it became very hot in the mouth and on the fingertips.

This is not a cigar for beginners – it will ruin you for life in the enjoyment of the cigars. If you are desperate for a cigar, like being in Australia where a good cigar can cost you an arm in price, and these are inexpensive – then give it a try.

So here is my rating for the Nino Vasquez:
The Buddy Factor – He left very quickly. Not a good sign.
The Angela Factor – Angela said it smelled okay at the time. The next day she hated the smell. This is the first cigar that she has ever complained about on the day after. Get out the incense and open the window, the smell the next day was CHEAPO CIGARO.

So my rating for this cigar is 45.
Nino Vasquez Cigar Band
Now I must make a couple of statements about the NINO VASQUEZ. The company has a website and will furnish you with free samples for the price of shipping and handling. So, I will take them up on this offer and give the cigar another shot. There are many reasons the cigar I acquired was so bad. Second is that with all the cigars I review, I like to do research on the name and the cigar’s history. Now this cigar’s name has a lot of juicy history when you do a Google on it. After reading up on the cigar’s history, you have to wonder - - - am I smoking what I thought was a Padron? 
Check out for the whole story. 

I do not want to but a bad wrap on a cigar if it is not deserved. So I have written to the contact address at the NINO VASQUEZ website for further explanation on the website posting. I asked if there current management had anything to do with the information in the posted article.

Email received:

Dear Mr. Oliver,

I am the owner of Nino Vasquez Cigars. We are a 12 year old manufacturer of cigars with two factories one in the Dominican Republic and one in Honduras. We currently manufacture over 25 brand name cigars consisting of 100 different shapes and sizes. We private label for many well known cigar distributors all over the world. The Nino Vasquez brand consists of a high quality blend of 100% Cuban seed tobacco from Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rico and Columbia . The Nino Vasquez cigars have been rated 88 by a panel of cigar smokers from around the world.

There is no such article about Nino Vasquez and Padron Counterfeits. If you find one please e-mail it to me. However there is a very misleading article from the Fuente family about us. We do not counterfeit any cigars. We did purchase a small quantity of naked cigars from the leading United States Fuente distributor and called them Fuente seconds. Fuente does not want any one to know they have seconds but of coarse all factories have seconds. They made a big scandal out of the situation instead of politely advising us to please call them something else. For your information that incident happened over six years ago. 

If you would e-mail me your address and Fed -x Account # I will gladly send you a variety of our cigars along with our catalog at no charge.

Kind Regards,
Tony Serino

I wanted to give the cigar a "fair go" as we say in Australia. So I asked for the price to ship the free samples they offer on their website to me in Australia. Once they arrive and acclimate to my humidor, I will then do another review of the brand for you. There is nothing worse than not being fair. All of us have had someone tell us something bad about us and we were we not given a chance to do better. I want to know if the cigar I had is the norm for the company or was it a fluke that I got a “lemon”.

Cigar Guy Tim Reporting from Australia





Cigar Guy Tim
Reporting from
Down Under

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