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Friday, 06 May 2011

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nubnub connecticut 460
nub habano 460

nubpic1Short and fat stogies are the theme for today's pair of cigar reviews. We will review the Nub Habano 460 and the Nub Connecticut 460. Both promise to offer a lengthy “sweet spot” smoking experience. Do they deliver? Keep reading to find out.

Nub Habano 460

Sam Leccia and the Oliva family created the Nub line to offer cigars that give smokers that special “sweet spot” essence right off the bat. The sweet spot supposedly comes into play about one-third of the way into a cigar, and it's where the strength and flavor are fully developed. While the sweet spot is usually the highlight of the cigar and short-lived, the purpose of the Nub line was to extend it for the duration of the cigar. The creators behind the Nub experimented with various combinations in terms of size and format, and they eventually came up with short, thick cigars that are densely packed with tobacco. The idea of a cigar that offers up sweet spot highlights throughout is definitely tempting, so let's see if the promises come true by sampling the Nub Habano 460.

The Nub Habano 460 measures 4 x 60. The line also comes in three other short and stout sizes that employ names that correspond to their measurements: the 3 3/4 x 58 “358”, 4 x 64 “464”, and 4 x 66 “466.” The cigar is a Nicaraguan puro, made completely from tobaccos taken from the cigar-rich Central American nation. Its wrapper is of the Habano variety, hence the moniker. If you are looking for an alternative to the Habano, the Nub line also comes in Cameroon, Connecticut, or Maduro wrappers. The Nub Habano is listed as being full-bodied.

When I begin to examine the Habano 460's appearance, its format is what stands out the most. The cigar is nubby, chubby, or whatever you want to call it. Simply put, it's short and fat. If I had to compare it to a person, I think Danny DeVito would be the perfect fit.  The wrapper looks great mostly thanks to its oily sheen that glistens underneath direct light. There are a few minor veins that are visible, but no major defects. The 460 feels as if it is packed with plenty of tobacco, so I have to wonder if this will show up in the draw. The decorative band near the middle of the cigar looks great with its gold borders and tan color scheme. It displays the Nub Habano name in a modern, yet simplistic style. Before lighting, I get an aroma and cold taste of spice.

After perusing the Habano 460's physical qualities, it's time to light it up. As expected, the draw is on the tight side. It's not overly tight, but far from easy, either. The ash is solid and has a nice white and peppery look. The burn is not the most even around, as it does require some touch-ups here and there, as well as a re-light. The 460, despite its short stature, has some stamina and burns slowly. Expect over an hour of smoking time here.


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