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Friday, 15 March 2002

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padron anniversario millennium maduroratings and scores
When you see this cigar, and you've had other Padron Anniversario, you expect a surreal experience. Far and away the most difficult cigar I personally have reviewed, and it became an unusual review for others on our staff. When you see this cigar, and you've had other Padron Anniversario, you expect a surreal experience. You anticipate entering smoking nirvana. Can any cigar be asked to live up to that...probably not. Most of you know the story by now, if goes. 1010 boxes of 100 cigars were made, approximately half of these being maduro, and the other half natural. Each box is a functioning humidor. Each individual cigar has it's own serial number. (See photo above.) The Millennium version of the Anniversario is aged about a year longer than the standard Anniversario line. Only two rollers are rolling these cigars in the Padron factory. Finally, once these are gone, there will be no more. So why was this such a difficult review? We'll get to that. Padron Anniversario Millennium is second to no other cigar in the "looks" department. An absolutely beautiful cigar. Strong and sturdy, rich and dark, you could look at this all day. Very consistent with the rest of it's maduro brethren in the Anniversario line. No doubts about the craftsmanship that goes into this cigar. It lights and burns like the rest of the Anniversario line as well. Which is to say perfect. You'll fall in love with the box press...even as it stays box pressed in ash form. One thing is guaranteed, our reviewers like Padron's punched, not cut. It seems like they deserved a punch cut, it's less invasive. You still don't know why this was a "Charlie Be-Atch" of a review do you? The flavor of this cigar was where it varied considerably from the rest of the line. Can you say stronger? The taste was not quite as clean as we're used to with Anniversarios, and honestly we don't know if that was because of the strength, or that it wasn't quite as smooth. After our run in with Ashton VSG, strong cigars are becoming attractive. This was very good, but it's brethren had set a high standard. Okay, finally, what was our issue with the review. Here goes. We pride ourselves on not being biased, we buy our own cigars, we won't take manufacturer advertising, and even respond to some manufacturers when they send us nasty emails! With this cigar, we found ourselves looking for reasons to like it. That made us uncomfortable. Padron has been a joy in this industry for a long time, always producing quality product, and normally not trying to gouge people on price. To all the Padron family we are eternally grateful for the blood, sweat and tears they put into cigars. Ultimately it hurt when this cigar did not live up to expectations, add in the price, and you leave a bit disheartened. Then again, it's doubtful any cigar could live up to these "next Jordan" like expectations. We really wanted to get excited about this cigar, we just didn't. Oh well. Vital Statistics: Shape = Toro Length = 6" RG = 52 Wrapper = Nicaragua Filler = Nicaragua Binder = Nicaragua Estimated Cost = $35 per single, $3600 per limited edition box.

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