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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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Our box of Padron Anniversary Principe Naturals had been hiding in the back of our humidor for over 18 months. It's a bit like interviewing Cal Ripken, or Magic Johnson, your so excited about the opportunity to interview the icon, that you forget you have a job to do. Anticipating reviewing reviewing a Padron Anniversary cigar gives you the same feeling, you've heard so much about them, you expect nothing but fireworks. Our box of Padron Anniversary Principe Naturals had been hiding in the back of our humidor for over 18 months. Curious as to how that age would effect them, we shot the Principe's out to a group of reviewers that were, to say the least, grateful to see the box pressed, soon to be legends show up. A short Padron Anniversary cigar seems to be a treat in the Northern regions of the world, as one reviewer astutely pointed out. "I welcome the opportunity to smoke a Padron Anniversario where I can experience the full cigar without frostbite. Living in the North, I hesitate to smoke them in the winter, as I can't do them justice from a time perspective." Our Principe's lit up well, a light gray ash rounded well as it crawled up the face of the cigar. No major flaws showed up in the wrapper or the ash, and if they were there, the natural wrapper would seem to make them easier to spot. The flavor was consistent, and seemed on the dry side, yet not enough to bring the cigar down. The taste of this little cigar performs admirably, like the" little engine that could", it just keeps delivering even when you expect it to give up. "I was impressed that their was distinct flavor in this small of a cigar with a natural wrapper. I've tried the maduro before, and expected a shot out of them, but this little corona behaved well, like a socialite at a party" That quote was tough for us to relate to, being that the closest we have ever gotten to a socialite party is when we parked the attendees cars. At least now we have a hint as to how to behave if we ever do attend one. Be ready for a mild, yet flavorful cigar, one that can be smoked fairly quickly, nicely providing that "quick hit" of quality cigar. If there was a down note written in any of our reviews it was about the cigar heating up as you approached the end. The reviewer who mentioned it also said he was searching for a roach clip to get every last drop, we hope he didn't burn his fingers. We now know he is a "experienced" smoker. Like most Padron products, here is another that delivers. Yes, the price is a bit high, but unlike most of the "uber" premium cigars that have hit the scene, it seems Padron strives to make them available. When you find them, buy yourself a present, you deserve it. Vital Statistics: Shape = Corona Extra Length=4 1/2" RG =46 Wrapper = Nicaragua Filler = Nicaragua Binder = Nicaragua Estimated Cost = $7.50

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