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Tuesday, 27 August 2002

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padronpadron serie 1926 no 6
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In the world of full bodied cigars, there may be a new leader. This cigar was everything expected.

There is a cigar on the market that boldly goes by the name “The Cigar”…they aren’t… Padron 1926 Serie Anniversario No. 6 is.


We must admit that only two staff reviewers had the chance to smoke and review the Padron 1926 Serie Anniversario No. 6, so take this review for what it is worth, two guys’ opinions.  That being said, try and find enough of these to have more folk review them, and we will gladly buy/horde them!


Introduced in late 2001, but not available until mid-2002 the 1926 Serie Anniversario is a box pressed Nicaraguan puro made in the classic Padron Anniversario tradition.  The 1926 line was created as a tribute to the birth date of Jose O. Padron.  Accordingly, the limited edition 1926 was meant to be a cigar worthy of the founder. 


The 1926 No. 6 robusto has a dark, rich looking, maduro wrapper.  As on all Anniversarios, the wrapper was free of defects and the color was consistent.  This puppy qualifies as humidor candy, in fact take a picture and frame it, as this cigar is nearly perfect in shape and makes for some nice gawking.


You may be apt to stare at this cigar for quite some time, especially if you are a fan of the 1964 Anniversario line.  Don’t focus to long, because once you pick this cigar up, your mind will become flooded with questions like:


 - “How in the heck did they make a cigar with such a firm feel?”

 - “I wonder if this could be used as a tire iron…it’s certainly more expensive?”

 - “Will this cigar draw; it’s firmer than a 16 year old boy with a playboy?”


Your answer cometh amigo…this draws better than DaVinci.  In fact it is hard to believe a cigar packed so thick with tobacco could draw and burn as perfect as this cigar does.  Kudos to Padron, as some of the quotes indicate:


The cigar had a nice pre-light aroma and a nearly perfect draw.  I’m always impressed by an Anniversarios draw given the firm, almost hard feel of the entire line.  Havana has something to learn from the Padrons.”


So far we have a perfectly made cigar with great aesthetics.  How can the taste live up to the perfection we have seen?  The answer is it can’t…but comes damn close in trying.  From the first draw you can tell this will be a more full-bodied cigar than the 1964 line.  The trend in the industry towards stronger cigars has almost approached the laughable, as there are new cigars appearing strictly meant to attack the palate.  In true graceful form, the Padron 1926 Serie Anniversario No. 6 stays brawny, without strutting around flexing its muscles.


“From the first draw, the 1926 starts with very full bodied taste.  The first quarter of the 1926 is almost, but stops short of being harsh.  The taste, to this reviewer, was like the darkest roasted coffee with some earthiness.  The heavy smoke lays its flavor on your tongue like a thick espresso leaving a long, flavorful aftertaste. 

By the midpoint, the 1926 remained full tasting but became smoother.  The cigar also exhibited some power and started to give me a buzz, which I don’t normally get from a Padron.  The taste remained the same except for the addition of a muted sweetness.  The power, however, became stronger towards the end.  In short, this is the most full bodied, powerful Padron cigar that I have ever smoked.  For taste, I give the 1926 an A.”


“As a fan of the 1964 series, I fully expected a great cigar.  Somewhat concerned with the ups and downs I have seen with the 1964, I was also cautious.  This cigar didn’t disappoint.  Strong earthy flavor with a consistency I have not experienced before, this was definitely a finger burner.  The experience is bittersweet though, as I would like to smoke these more often, but realize price and availability will prevent that.”


This Padron 1926 Serie Anniversario No. 6 is a cigar smoker’s cigar.  This Padron is handsome, well made, full bodied, and powerful, all without being harsh.  You can’t help but make comparisons between the 1926 and its well known cousins, the regular Anniversario line.  High quality and construction remain the same, yet the 1926 adds a dimension of taste and power beyond the regular Anniversarios.


We enjoyed the 1926 immensely and consider it to be one of the best cigars we have ever smoked.  You can expect other 1926s to be equally impressive given the consistent track record of the Anniversario blenders and rollers.  We give this Padron an ‘A’ overall.  Only a few slight flavor and draw comments kept this from being an ‘A+’.   Along those lines it is far and away the closest cigar to an A+ we have ever reviewed.  Keep ‘em coming Padron family.

Vital Statistics:
Size: 4 3/4 x 50
Shape: Robusto
Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Est. Cost: $12.00

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