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Sunday, 08 March 2009

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padron series 1926 80th anniversary perfectoratings and scores
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Oh how I hate to agree with Cigar Aficionado, honestly, it really hurts me to agree with them. It pains me to think they actually got something right instead of bowing to whoever advertises in their hallowed pages.  But you've heard this rant before from me, so I will move on.

In the case of the maduro Padron Serie 1926 80th Anniversary Perfecto, Cigar Aficionado gave it a “95″, one of their highest ratings.  They were spot on, if not a little conservative!

This cigar is the first ever perfecto shape from Padron, created to commemorate the 80th birthday of the patriarch and founder in 1964 of Padron cigars, Jose Padron.  I strongly recommend you go to the Padron website and read the story of “the hammer” by Jose Orlando Padron.  It will give you a feel for the drive of this family, and their quest to do the right thing.  This is reflected beautifully in the Padron Serie 1926 80th Anniversary Perfecto.

I had the chance to smoke a couple of these while I was traveling in Florida.  I can’t say I expected much to be different than the normal maduro 1926 line.  The look was similar, the bands were similar, and the hype was, well similar. Frankly, I thought this was something from the Padron family created just to keep their name out there.  I should have known better.  I promise never to underestimate Jorge, Jose, Orlando and the rest of the family again…scouts honor.

This is a complex smoke…it is also a strong smoke. Sneaky strong for that matter. The shape of this cigar can condense the strength, and if you aren’t careful it will sneak up and deliver a knockout punch.  As I sat at an outdoor café enjoying this cigar and a couple Dominican Presidente beers, I neglected the fact that I had not eaten for quite some time.  This was a big mistake.  I have probably smoked every line of cigars that has come out in the last ten years, and I can count on one hand the ones that left me a bit light headed.  Well, add one more to the list.  As I finished this cigar I quickly recognized the error of my ways and started ordering some food.  While this helped it left me with a strong cigar bars.  I suppose as adding to the Dominican Presidente beer count didn't help matters either.  Oh well, I took a cab here, and I'll be taking a cab home.


0 # Pricey, but really excellent all the way around.John Werner 2009-04-22 13:13
After smoking only one of these 80th Anniversary Perfectos by Padron I'm sold. What impressed me the most besides the excellent flavor profile was the length of time it lasted...almost two hours! I really did expect it to taste special and it did not let me down as the only way I can explain it is a super refined 1926 anniversary like taste with elements of aged sherry appearing somewhere in the mix. The most unexplained mystery to me, at least, is why this cigar at it's size lasted so long? It delivered such a perfect amount of smoke that it was like it measured it for me and was assuring me the burn would be slow and consistent. I've heard only one roller in the Padron's factory rolls these. I don't know if that is really correct, but I can see why it could be as they are very idiosyncratic to the point I've never smoked anything like it. Great job on this from a great company. Pricey? Yes, so it won't be a smoke even once a week...But, when some special occassion calls this one is up to the task.

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0 # PADRON SERIE 1926 80TH ANNIVERSARY MADURO PERFECTOMr.Stogies 2009-09-11 15:15
I taught this cigar was just unbelievable. I had the previlage of smoking one after dinner where I had lamb chops and it blew my mind away. I love the padron cigars in all but they hit the spot with this one. I already have a order for a box on it's way. Great cigar!

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