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Tuesday, 02 December 2003

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The Partagas Spanish Rosada Familia leaves a positive impression. In the history of Top 25 Cigar we have never reviewed a Partagas Cigar?!?  When I was going back through our Staff Review archives, I realized that since Top 25 Cigar's beginning in 1997, we have never reviewed a Partagas cigar.  Weird, but the streak is broken.

It's our humble opinion that the Partagas Spanish Rosada may be one of the top 5 new cigar releases in the last 3 years.  A lot of cigars have been announced, but few have been able to match The Partagas Spanish Rosada in both style and taste.

We tried the Familia, a 6 x 54 Toro that left us wanting more.  You can't help but be struck by the beauty of this cigar, as it's chocolate dark wrapper contrasts perfectly with the snow white band.  You don't really realize how beautiful this cigar is until you remove it from it's cellophane.  We don't remember being all that awestruck in the tobacconist when we bought these, but when you finally sit down and take a look...WOW!

Partagas describes their Spanish Rosada line with the following:

"Like the legendary cigar master Ramón Cifuentes, the Partagas smoker knows what he wants: a cigar that always delivers the richest taste yet never comes on too strong. In keeping with that ideal, every Partagas is an invitation to savor the artistry it takes to bring you this cigar, from the richest of Cuban traditions to the richest of Cameroon wrappers."

This is mumbo jumbo that actually has some semblance of truth!  The quote of "richest taste yet never comes on too strong" hits the nail on the head.  This is not a strong cigar, nor is it weak...but it is rich.  Rich and consistent...a nice combo.  You don't get knocked to the floor with the flavor, but it does grab your attention.  A nice change from the rash of high-octane smokes that seem to be the recent release trend.

"This was killer!  A few weird taste changes in the middle keep it from being an "A" in my book.  But all in all this cigar has me sweatin' like Michael Jackson in a Day Care looking for more Rosada's.  (editors note: bonus points for the bad joke?)

"This could be one of the best looking cigars I have ever seen, the wrapper is flawless.  The taste is genuine and thick, no gross overpowering.  I had a bit of aftertaste that I was more than willing to put up with to finish this cigar."

In our excitement we jumped right into the taste of the Partagas Spanish Rosada Familia and forgot to comment on other features of this cigar.  The Familia had a good draw, in fact you really did not even notice it until you thought about it...a good sign in any cigar.  The ash was pretty average as it hung on OK, and had no distinguishing color traits.  You could also tell some better than average rollers had been involved with the Partagas Spanish Rosada as their were no obvious flaws and a solid burn.

It is well worth trying the Partagas Spanish Rosada Familia, as the price/performance ration is outstanding.  For around $5 a stick, it's hard to find fault.  It has been a long time since we got very excited about a General Cigar product.  It feels good to see a giant come through with a decent smoke.

Vital Statistics:
Size: 6 x 54
Shape: Toro
Wrapper: Honduras
Binder:  Dominican Republic, Honduras, Mexico
Filler: USA/Connecticut
Est. Cost: $5.95

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