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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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perdomoperdomo 2 descartes
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Don't know who first said it, but it defines the Perdomo2 Descartes perfectly, "An enigma wrapped in a riddle." Don't know who first said it, but it defines the Perdomo2 Descartes perfectly, "An enigma wrapped in a riddle." Rarely have we seen people so viciously attack a cigars construction, just to turn 180 degrees and embrace the flavor and aroma of the smoke. The Descartes is delivered to you beautifully, in a unique and well made box, wrapped in a nice little brown security blanket all their own. You certainly prepare yourself for a top line cigar experience when you first see them. We don't want to go into all the negative comments about the construction of this cigar, suffice it to say that they were fairly unanimous, soft after it was lit, wrapper unraveling, cap coming off, crooked ash, weak ash, etc. We especially like two quotes that came our way from a seasoned reviewer: "It's hard to describe a cigar like this one. It falls short in many, many areas, yet I KNOW it tries to do well. And, regardless of everything bad I have said up until this point (just plain out facts, is all), it is really an excellent smoke. Maybe it's the total honesty it presents right up front. It doesn't make believe, doesn't pull any punches, and the only surprises I got I was pleased with. What can I say?" We don't know what more he can say, as everyone adored the flavor, and crucified the construction. So decide now why your smoking it the feel of a well made cigar, or is it the flavor it imparts? Can't decide? Neither can we. "I don't know what it is about this cigar that I enjoy so much. It certainly can't be the wrapper, or the cap, or the construction. Come to think about it, it isn't the consistency of burn, or the shape of the coal, or the strength of the ash. It must be the flavor and the aroma, as well as a seemingly inherent willingness to please." Since the smoking experience is a complete one, and everyone has their own "critical" parts, you can judge this cigar for yourself. Remember this though, when the last cigar went out, people were talking about the taste. Keep in mind the Perdomo2 Descartes next time you have a well made cigar that tastes like '57 Chevy Tailpipe, and you'll long for a poorly rolled beauty like this! Vital Statistics: Shape = Double Corona w/Perfecto Tip Length=7" RG =50 Wrapper = Cameroon Filler = Nicaragua Binder = Nicaragua Estimated Cost = $7.00

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