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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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maduropuros indios
puros indios especial no. 4 maduroratings and scores
Pulling the curtains aside, we expose the Puros Indios Especial No. 4 Maduro. Trying something new, Top25Cigar sent out the 4th quarter 2001 Staff Review cigars un-banded, and hopefully unidentifiable. We had never done blind reviews in the past, and thought it would be interesting to see how/if it would work. If the rest of the reviews end up as fun as our first "blind review" attempt...this is a tradition that may continue! Pulling the curtains aside, we expose the Puros Indios Especial No. 4 Maduro. A somewhat new cigar from the blending expertise of Rolando Reyes. Puros Indios has always been known for their quality, and it came through in this review. Funny how these blind reviews worked. Of the 5 folks who received this cigar, three thought it was top notch, one thought it was better than average, and the last thought it was an abomination. The Puros Indios Especial No. 4 Maduro has a somewhat rustic look that was identified by the majority of our reviewers. Although rustic, all mentioned the rich oily sheen that laid across the wrapper of these cigars. We almost felt obligated to throw out one of the reviews, as the cigars obviously arrived a bit on the dry side...we'll chalk that up as our fault. The reviews that mentioned the dryness were as different as night and day from the other reviews. "Blind Smoke 1 is a sexy looking smoke. This Corona has a beautiful, dark brown, oily wrapper" The flavors in such a inexpensive cigar seemed to be the most talked about aspect of the Puros Indios Especial No. 4. Thoughts and feelings varied, but most had similar experiences. "This Corona had a slight pre-light sweetness. After the light, the taste was light and smooth. The aroma and taste were floral with a very subdued spice. Midway into the cigar, the floral aroma and taste became fuller, however the spice remained very light. The taste was medium bodied." "Although rustic looking, this cigar seemed to know its place. With a steady smoke, it gave me a steady flavor. Not overwhelming, but noticeable, the sweet spices and rusty overtones made this a very enjoyable Fall cigar." "The construction was not bad but the cigars was somewhat spongy and that made for a poor burn. The flavors were not that complex but they were consistent and enjoyable." It's hard to argue with average to better flavor on a sub $4 we're not going to. With this cigar it's time to just respect Puros Indios for what it is, a cigar blended by a master, from a company that never tried to screw us during the cigar boom. In and of itself, that ought to be worth something. Once you can get over some of the construction flaws we saw (rare with Puros Indios), this is a great everyday cigar. Just keep it properly humidified, as those Ecuadorian wrappers can be touchy! Vital Statistics: Shape = Corona Length=5 1/2" RG =44 Wrapper = Ecuador Filler = DR, Bra, Ecu, Nic Binder = Ecuador Estimated Cost = $3.60

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