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Monday, 16 January 2006

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The Reo, Vibes brother from United Tobacco gets reviewed.

Premium cigar distributor, United Tobacco, decided to create and distribute their own line of cigars: EO Premium Brands. Two of the three lines, Reo and Vibe are made at Rocky Patel’s Indian Tabac factory in Honduras. The Reo Robusto is our focus for this review.  We previously reviewed the Vibe Corojo Torpedo as well.  United worked with Patel’s master blender, Jose Fuego to create the new cigars.

The Reo is the more full-bodied of the two lines and is comprised of aged tobaccos from Nicaragua and Honduras topped off with a beautiful dark and oily Costa Rican wrapper.

The Reo has a dark, smooth maduro wrapper that is free from defects.  This cigar has sex appeal.  Looking at the Reo Robusto you get the feeling you are in for quite the ride once you put a flame to it.

"The wrapper is an evenly colored deep chocolate brown. Nice and smooth with minimal veins and a somewhat oily feel."

Lighting up the Reo turned out to be quite the joy for the reviewers.  Nothing but praise rang from the pens of our reviewers as they documented their construction, cutting and lighting comments.  Nearly unanimous was the thoughts on construction.  A tight cigar with a draw that worked its way open to belie the tightness of the roll.  A couple of stem issues crept in, but these seemed to be confined to individual smokes, and did not represent all the Reo's.

"Nicely rolled cigar with just the right amount of give.  Cap was put on well.  The cigar lit easily, and burnt evenly with a firm gray ash."

"Nice box-press.  Clipped easily and had a slightly tight draw.  Just the way I like a cigar to draw pre-light."

We ran into a few issues with the flavor component of the Reo Robusto.  Nearly all the issues documented by the reviewers can be chalked up to having young cigars.  It was no secret these smokes could have used a few months under house arrest.  The cigars all started out with rich tobacco flavors.  It was after the first inch or so that we started getting some of the following comments.

"Taste was mainly sweet nuts with a dry, floral finish. Mild and mellow maduro flavor that developed into a chocolate flavor halfway through with hints of spice. At last 1/3 of the cigar left a bitter aftertaste."

"The Reo, has potential as a cigar smoker’s cigar.  With an open draw, the character of the cigar changed completely producing earthy complex flavors with a little spice.  I really enjoyed the flavor."

"Started out with a nice rich tobacco taste but quickly became harsh. Then the chemical aroma appeared along with considerable harshness. It finally settled down with 1/2 to go, but by that time my mouth was irritated and gave up."

The Reo is a good cigar, that needs a second go around from a construction standpoint.  The future is good for the Reo, and we have already heard from United that they are making some construction changes in the cigar.  Fix the stems, slap some age on these, and you just might find that nicely priced everyday addition to your humidor.

Vital Statistics:
Size: 5 x 52
Shape: Robusto
Wrapper: Costa Rica
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua, Honduras
Est. Cost: $4.00

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