Review of the AVO 787 Toro and the AVO Tesoro Limited Edition 2008
Written by Puff Staff

Friday, 18 December 2009

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avo 787 toroavo tesoro limited edition 2008
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The appearance of the Tesoro Limited Edition 2008 is about as plain as you can get.  There are no ornate bands or designs that scream “limited” at you.  There is a single band at the foot of the cigar, which is white and light brown in color.  It’s rather thin and bears the name of the cigar in simple font.  Perhaps the AVO brand believes more in substance over style, which is fine with me.  The Ecuadorian Sun Grown wrapper gives the cigar a golden color, and there are a few veins throughout the exterior.  The cigar is firmly packed, albeit lumpy in some areas.  A quick whiff before lighting reveals an earthy aroma, and a quick taste reveals a sweet, fruity flavor. 

After striking and lighting up, the Tesoro Limited Edition smokes superbly.  It has a great, even burn with nice solid white ash and a good draw.  The only drawback to the experience was that it needed some attention from a match more than once, but other than that, it was great.  The flavors experienced while smoking the Tesoro are varied, although not outstanding.  You can get some nice hints of nuts and wood off the bat, which turns eventually into a lot more wood with leather and earth.  Towards the end there tends to be a good amount of spice in the form of pepper present.  The cigar as a whole has a dry taste and feeling to it.  You might enjoy the Tesoro with some port or maybe even coffee as a complement. 


The burn of the AVO Tesoro Limited Edition 2008 is very good, but its flavor just isn’t quite up to par.  There is too much wood and dryness for my taste, although others may enjoy it.  You can get a single for around $13, or go ahead and splurge for a box of 20.  The Tesoro might be good for a special occasion, especially if you are an AVO fan and want to show your dedication to its founder by lighting one up.  Do take note that since it is indeed a limited edition, you may have a hard time finding one, but snoop around online and you should have some luck.  The AVO Limited Edition Tesoro 2008 receives 2.5 stars out of four.  Your mileage may vary though.

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