Review of Two Graycliff cigars: the Red Label Original Blend Pirate and the Blue Label Profesionale PG
Written by Puff Staff

Monday, 11 January 2010

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The Blue Label Profesionale from Graycliff is yet another creative result of a collaboration between Graycliff Hotel owner Enrico Garzaroli and Avelino Lara.  It is pretty much a follow-up to its Red Label Original Blend.  The Blue Label even shares the same basic composition, with the main difference supposedly being that it brings more strength and flavor to the table than the Red Label and also uses a higher percentage of Brazilian tobacco in its filler blend.  

The Blue Label Profesionale PG measures 5.25x50 in its robusto vitola.  It also comes in various other sizes that reach its largest, the 14x50 Big Bamboo.  Like the Red Label, it has a filler blend of tobaccos from Brazil, the Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua.  Its binder and wrapper are both Indonesian.  The Blue Label Profesionale is considered to be full-bodied.

The Blue Label’s appearance is very easy on the eyes.  The light brown wrapper looks very smooth with hardly any noticeable veins and not much of a shine to it underneath light.  The large band near the head adds to its overall look.  The band is a shiny combination of gold and royal blue that displays the Graycliff name with a large G underneath.  Avelino Lara’s name is also stamped on the bottom of the band as a reassurance to the smoker that he is in the presence of a well-made cigar.  Giving the cigar a once over before lighting gives off both a sweet scent and cold taste.



The Blue Label Profesionale PG has a near flawless burn.  It has a good draw and produces a solid white ash.  The flavor is varied and keeps things interesting.  You get a some earthy notes that is joined by a good amount of creamy, sweet flavor, as well as some coffee.  Some spice is evident, as is cedar.  There was even a metal flavor that appeared but eventually subsided back to more cedar.

The overall experience while smoking the Blue Label Profesionale is a pleasant one.  Once again, the burn was hard to beat.  The flavors were interesting and hit upon many different notes.  Although the Blue Label is considered full-bodied, it seems to lean more towards the medium-bodied end of the scale.  As with the Red Label, price is once again an issue.  The Blue Label Profesionale has a suggested retail of around $15 for a single, which might discourage some.  You are getting a high-end cigar, though.  You can also pick up a pack of five or a box of 25.  You might want to consider the Blue Label Profesionale for a special occasion and splurge on the price.  Otherwise, shop around and snag one up if you find a good deal, as its construction and flavor are solid.  The Graycliff Blue Label Profesionale PG earns a rating of 3 out of 4 stars.

I hope you enjoyed my review of these two selections from Graycliff.  Stay tuned for more!  









0 # Available NowEsquireCigar 2010-01-18 21:11
I smoked this cigar over the holidays and have decided to add it to the humidor. This is a great smoke! We always enjoy adding new cigars to our humidor.

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+1 # RE: Review of Two Graycliff cigars: the Red Label Original Blend Pirate and the Blue Label Profesionale PGmookie 2012-05-12 00:02
What a classic waste of time and money. Obviously the band IS the best thing about this over priced and otherwise tasteless your dough

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0 # Graycliff Gran Damedoodleysquat 2013-03-15 12:45
I have avoided trying a Graycliff mainly because of their prices, but a friend (thanks, Cameron!) hooked me up with a Red Label Gran Dame (5x33) that he picked up in a duty free shop. I was pleasantly surprised.

It was my first smoke of the day, and I nubbed it, something I usually don't do and often regret when I do. No regrets this time. The narrow ring gauge (again, something I typically don't smoke) maybe allowed a better flavor profile due to the greater ratio of Indonesian wrapper and binder to filler. Whatever. For most of the cigar, I was reminded of the Dominican Cohiba Diamante--mild and flavorful. I probably wouldn't pay the $9-10 that these cost, but if offered another, I would happily accept and feel very lucky.

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