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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

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Obviously, the barber pole design of the Quad Toro immediately pops out when looking at it. The four wrappers give it a really cool look that will definitely cause some eyes to glance your way when smoking it. Adding a unique color to the cigar that one would not usually expect is the green Candela wrapper that adds a nice twist. The whole color scheme of the cigar is almost identical to the camouflage schemes one would find on military uniforms. Near the head is a decorative brown and gold band that has the ITC logo and the Split Decision name inscribed in an elegant font. The cigar itself has some visible veins and is not too oily. Patting it down reveals some softness, and it does not seem to be tightly packed. Before firing it up, the Quad Toro gives off an earthy smell and flavor.

Although the Split Decision Quad Toro looks awesome, once lit, it turns ugly. As one might expect, the complexity of the four wrappers could cause some burn issues, and they definitely do in this case. The burn of the Quad Toro is very uneven, so you might want to keep your lighter handy at all times when smoking it. The draw is loose, and the ash is flaky. A couple of re-lights are necessary as well.

The flavors experienced include some nuts and cedar. Some creaminess mixes in as well and some earthy flavors come into play too. A little bit of spice and leather joins the party at times. Overall, the flavors are on the dull side and make it hard to stay interested in this stick.

It seems as if the Indian Tabac Split Decision Quad Toro is all style and no substance. While the idea of combining four wrappers is definitely interesting, it all falls apart with the erratic burn. Perhaps they should have spent more time on the filler blend rather than on the wrapper design, as the flavors leave a lot to be desired. Perhaps the worst part of all is the price. At around $10 per single, the Quad Toro is definitely not worth the money when you consider the burn issues and lack of flavor. Of course, if you love flashy things, you might give it a shot at least one time, but you are better off smoking something else.

For its poor burn and bland flavors, the Indian Tabac Split Decision Quad Toro earns a rating of one out of four stars.

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