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Friday, 09 April 2010

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Although the Escogidos' burn is disappointing, the cigar gets some help with its flavors. A nice combination of flavors are packed into the Escogidos to keep you on your toes. Initially, there are some woody notes, as well as some spice. Then a bit of vanilla comes in to add soothing flavor. A good amount of fruit also comes into play as well as a sweet flavor that I can't pinpoint. This sweetness seems to be the dominant flavor of the cigar. Chocolate and nutty flavors also make an appearance on a smaller scale. The milder flavors definitely make the Escogidos fit the bill as a medium-bodied smoke.

Despite the burn issues with the cigar going limp, the La Aurora Escogidos is an enjoyable cigar. The flavors are what really save it from being passed on. They are not the strongest, and probably will not satisfy those that like full-bodied cigars. If you are a beginner, though, or somebody who likes the smoother things in life, the Escogidos will probably satisfy you with its taste. The price of a single is supposedly around $10 each, which is high. However, some boxes of 20 can be found for around $100, making the average price of a single more around $5, which seems much more reasonable. I wouldn't suggest buying a bunch of these at the $10 mark, but if you can get them for cheaper they are worth the try. Of course, that is if you can even find them, since they are pretty rare and produced on a limited scale.

For its solid flavors but less than solid burn, the La Aurora Escogidos gets a 2.5 out of 4 star rating.

John Starks' Dominican Legends Torpedo


If you are a huge NBA fan, the name John Starks is probably familiar. Yes, that John Starks; the pesky guard who played for the New York Knicks back in the Pat Riley days when they were good. (Sorry Knicks fans, maybe Lebron can help next year!) As with many other athletes, Starks has decided to venture into other arenas after retiring from the game. Since you know there had to be huge celebrations complete with champagne and cigars after winning big games, what better industry to jump into than the smoking one? Well, John Starks has done just that with his Dominican Legends cigar. This particular cigar is produced by Eddie Zarzuela, who has teamed up with the former basketball star to help him get his feet wet in this new game.

The Dominican Legends Torpedo measures 6x54. It has a filler blend of tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. The binder is also from the Dominican Republic. The final piece of the puzzle is a Cameroon wrapper. As with other offerings from E. Zarzuela, the John Starks' Dominican Legends is considered to be medium-bodied and it is handmade in the Dominican Republic.

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