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Wednesday, 09 June 2010

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la aurora preferidos maduro robustopaul garmirian soiree connoisseur
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The look of the Connoisseur is highlighted by its reddish tint that is has from its Colorado wrapper. The cigar does not appear to be very smooth, and there are some thick veins throughout its body. A slightly oily sheen is visible under light, and giving the cigar a feel reveals that it is packed well. Near the head of the cigar is a decorative band in red, white, and gold that shows the PG name as well as the title of Gourmet Series to reflect that the Connoisseur is a special edition. Beneath that band is a gold one with the Soiree name in black cursive lettering. Before lighting, the cigar has a scent and cold taste that are reminiscent of cedar.

Once lit, the burn of the Connoisseur is underwhelming. It seems to stay uneven throughout, and many touch-ups are necessary. Re-lighting is not necessary. The ash that is produced is decent, and the draw is on the tighter side.


The flavor department is where the Soiree Connoisseur stands out the most. The flavors are powerful, yet the cigar maintains a certain smooth nature to it. From the start you get some peppery flavors, as well as the cedar noticed prior to lighting. A good amount of wood notes hit the spot, and there is some earth evident as well. To balance everything out, there are also some delicious creamy flavors. This cigar definitely lives up to its full-bodied categorization.

Although not perfect, the Soiree Connoisseur is a quality cigar. The uneven burn was a bit of an annoyance, but the flavors helped overcome that. As PG says on their website, this is a good after dinner cigar. I would have to agree. You don't want to light up this stick without eating first, as it is pretty strong. Experienced smokers who are full-bodied fans will likely enjoy it. At the same time, it is likely way too strong for beginners. At around $11 per single, the Connoisseur may be too highly priced for some. It might be worth the try for a special occasion, though. It also comes in boxes of 25.

The Paul Garmirian Soiree Connoisseur earns a rating of 3 out of 4 stars.

That wraps up the two cigar reviews for today. Give them both a try, as they might make it onto your favorites list. See you next time..









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