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Friday, 25 June 2010

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The most noticeable aspect of the Origen Toro's appearance is that its wrapper is quite dark. There is some oil visible when put under light, and it also has some veins that runs throughout its body. There is a single band near the head that has a black, white, and gold color scheme. It has the Origen name in large cursive font that sits atop a nice decorative pattern. Patting the cigar down reveals that it is well-packed. Prior to lighting, it has a cold taste that is sweet and an earthy scent.

Once lit, the Origen Toro burns like a charm. It stays even throughout the entirety of the session. There are no touch-ups or re-lights that are necessary. The draw is good and the cigar produces some long ash that is white in color.

Although the cigar's burn is great, its flavors are even better. The best part about the flavors is how varied they are, and they shift back and forth until the cigar is finished. At the start there is some cedar that is accompanied by notes of leather. A pleasant creamy taste also comes into the equation, and so do some hints of earth. A sweet caramel flavor appears and seems to be one of the more dominant flavors within the cigar. A bit of spice also makes an appearance to add some boldness to the flavor profile.

The Origen Toro from J. Fuego is an excellent cigar. The burn is nearly untouchable. The flavors are superb and never stop changing, making you wish that the cigar never ended. It could be a tad strong for beginners, but experienced smokers should definitely give it a shot. Despite its limited production, the Origen Toro is reasonably priced. A single retails for around $6 to $7, which is not bad considering how enjoyable and flavorful the cigar is. You can also find it in packs of 3 or boxes of 21. You do not want to miss out on smoking at least one of these sticks, so make sure you snag one up as soon as possible, because you never know when their supply could run out.

The J. Fuego Origen Toro earns a rating of 3.5 out of 4 stars.


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