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Wednesday, 05 May 2010

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Once lit, the Mi Dominicana Robusto performs well. The burn is even. The draw is good and a nice solid ash is produced. The lighter got a well-needed rest as no touch-ups or re-lights were necessary. The cigar also had a very slow and methodical burn.


The flavors within the Robusto are average at best. The cigar starts off with a sweet flavor that reflects its cold taste. It also has a bit of a peppery spice to it. A slight hint of nuts is also noticeable. The dominant flavor, though, which appears throughout most of the cigar is that of toast. I'd say that this stick does fall in between medium and full-bodied.

While there was nothing inherently wrong with the Mi Dominicana Robusto, nothing really stood out either. It's a quality smoke, but not a stick worth writing home about. The burn had no issues, but the flavor is where it was lacking. There simply was not much variation, and the flavors that did come through were on the dull side. In terms of price, the Robusto size retails for around $8 per single, and it comes in packs of 20. That might be too high to recommend picking one up, especially with all the other sticks out there. If you can find a bargain on it, then maybe it could be worth the space in your humidor.

For its overall average appeal, the Mi Dominicana Robusto earns 2.5 out of 4 stars.

Marco V Bronze Label the Dom Grand Reserve


Marco V is a boutique brand that produces cigars in very limited quantities. They do this to ensure quality and consistency with each of their cigars that is released to the public. Only rollers with 15 years of experience or more are permitted to partake in the manufacture of Marco V cigars, and to ensure quality even more they test each and every cigar prior to release. Marco V's Bronze Label the Dom Grand Reserve line is one of three offered by the brand.

The Marco V Bronze Label the Dom Grand Reserve measures 5 x 60 in its V. Gigante size. This large size is the only one offered for the line. In fact, other cigar lines from Marco V, such as the Platinum Label and the Gold Label also come in the same size, and the company prides itself on producing such a large cigar. The Dom Grand Reserve's filler blend is a mixture of Piloto Cubano and Dominicano de Olor tobaccos that come from the Dominican Republic's Cibao Valley. The binder is also made up of the Dominicano de Olor tobacco. Finishing off the Dom is its Ecuadorian Connecticut Shade wrapper. The Dom Grand Reserve is handmade in the Dominican Republic and is considered to be mild in strength.

Undoubtedly, the first thing that is noticeable about the Dom Grand Reserve's appearance is that it is a huge cigar. The wrapper gives it a nice creamy brown color and there are a few small veins that are visible, as well as a heavy sheen of oil when put under light. The band near the head of the cigar adds a nice aesthetic touch with its gold, black, and bronze colors. It has a large M in the middle to signify the Marco V brand, and also in writing is that the cigar is imported and handmade. The cigar has a firm feel to it, and before being put into action it gives off an earthy scent and taste.

When finally in action, the Dom burns well for the most part. The draw is good, and the ash is very solid and light in color. The cigar burns evenly until about halfway through, where some touch-ups are necessary. Fortunately, re-lighting was not needed.

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