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Monday, 13 September 2010

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When looking at the 2000 Maduro, one thing becomes perfectly clear: this cigar will not win any beauty pageants. You might even say that it is downright ugly. For those who need a flashy cigar in their hands to impress others, the 2000 will not suffice. If aesthetics do not matter, however, we shall see if its performance will make one forget its appearance. The cigar itself has a dark wrapper that has an oily sheen. Plenty of veins are visible, and it looks rather rough. Upon further inspection, this particular 2000 has a bit of a curve to it near the middle. There is one decorative band near the head, and it displays the Padron name and handmade in simple font. The band's dark brown and white color scheme mesh well with the cigar's wrapper. Feeling the cigar tells that its packed with plenty of tobacco, and it has an earthy scent and cold taste before being lit.

Once lit, the stick performs well. The draw is just right, and solid ash is produced that is gray in color. The burn tends to get uneven for a moment or two, but corrects itself without help. The only negative in the burn department is that the cigar needs re-lighting near the end.

The flavors produced by the 2000 Maduro are a pleasant surprise, to say the least. It begins with a rich coffee flavor that is soon joined by some creamy cocoa. Further in some earth and leather make an appearance. There is also a mild presence of pepper, and a stronger presence of wood that seems to remain for most of the smoke. The 2000 appears to be just right, and is not too overbearing.

Those who said that you cannot judge a book by its cover were right, and that phrase can definitely be applied here. The 2000 Maduro does not look like much at first, but once it is in action, it is superb. The burn is solid, and the flavors are excellent. Even better, is the cigar's price. A single can be had for around $4, which is not bad considering how enjoyable it is. At that price, it's worth it to pick up a pack of 4 or a box of 26, as this is one stogie that can be enjoyed on a frequent basis. Either beginners or experienced smokers will likely enjoy the 2000 Maduro, and it makes a nice complement to a morning cup of coffee.

For its superb flavor and excellent value, the Padron 2000 Maduro earns an excellent rating of 3.5 out of 4 stars.

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