Written by Puff Staff

Friday, 15 March 2002

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romeo y julieta belicoso
Scene One, Act One - Romeo lights a Cuban Romeo y Julieta Belicoso as he bids for sweet Juliet's eternal adoration. Scene One, Act One - Romeo lights a Cuban Romeo y Julieta Belicoso as he bids for sweet Juliet's eternal adoration. Romeo: Thy fairest Juliet, my loins long for your eternal heart. As I meander lost in thy lovely countenance, I think of nothing for your eyes, smoky and mysterious as the ascending aroma of this fine cigar. Juliet: Oh Romeo, if you love is much like the smell from your cigar, I shall seek comfort from another source. Some soul who doth smell more appropriate, perhaps I shall take up with Kid Rock or Eminem. Loosely translated in modern day English, "this cigar sucked". Another one bites the dust. Forget the Cuban mystique folks, you can no longer assume that all Cuban cigars are better than their non Cuban counterparts. There are great Cubans, and there are bad Cubans, live with it. An oily rich looking cigar, the classic Cuban torpedo shape is a joy to behold. It is a shame this cigar doesn't taste any better, as from a looks standpoint this definitely qualifies for Top25Cigars "Humidor Candy" award. Once you put a flame to it the questions start surfacing. The burn and draw on these cigars seemed to vary throughout. At times you had to suck like it was a thick malt through a straw, while other parts of the cigars had a normal draw. The ash was not very tight; it was haggard and multi-colored, displaying numerous signs of inconsistency. The taste was downright awful. You can't write this off as personal preference either, all six reviewers thought this was nasty. It could be classified as strong, but it was universally disliked with a chalky dry taste reminiscent of the cheap dime store cigars of yesterday. You don't hear much about the Romeo y Julieta Belicoso when talks begin about classic Cuban cigars, and I think we now know why. It has been awhile since we've seen such unanimity in the review of a cigar, especially a Cuban. If you're a Cuban cigar smoker, there are better ways to spend your time and money. If you're not a Cuban cigar smoker, be thankful you haven't had one of these puppies in your mouth. Vital Statistics: Shape = Torpedo Length =5 1/2" RG=52 Wrapper = Cuba Filler = Cuba Binder = Cuba

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