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Thursday, 24 October 2002

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romeo y julietaromeo y julieta edicion limitada
Looks like happy times prevailed for this batch of reviewers. Read about the target of their affections.

We left it banded.  It was too pretty to disband.  I know, I know, we’re always ripping on a cigar with a second band commemorating an “Anniversary” or “Limited Edition”.  We stand guilty, we’re marketing skeptics.  You have to admit though; most of those cigars have proven to be shadows of the marketing hype.

So, what are we trying to say?  The Romeo y Julieta “Edicion Limitada” Robusto was too beautiful to touch, so we shipped them to reviewers with the bands on.  This means they knew what they were smoking.  Doubt it will make a difference with this little pit bull.

“A beautifully crafted robusto, it has a shimmering dark rosado wrapper that feels as silky as a Brooks Brothers tie.”

He’s right.  These cigars sit pretty.  If you’re lucky enough to have a glass top humidor, these are front row sweater meat.  Only problem will be; the more you see them, the more you’ll want to smoke them.”  So what happens when you pick one up?  More temptations sneak in.

“…and then I felt it.  This thing was solid as a rock, and just ached to be smoked.”

“Slightly box-pressed, it really felt good in the hand. The whole time I was smoking it I kept rolling it between my fingers and admiring the understated beauty of this top shelf stogy. It was love at first sight.

Let’s spark it up.  If this love fest continues I’m going to start wondering if our reviewers hadn’t slipped something else in their cigars.

Oh Oh, a little stumble!  We got some “burn” critiques!  Seems we had some uneven burning in this hard pressed cigar.   Probably not surprising of a ramrod packed this tight.  Only a couple reviewers noted this, but it was enough to bring the average “Construction” grade down to a “B”.

“As soon as this stick was lit, it just took over and started to yield powerful flavors of cocoa and burnt caramel with a delightful hint of allspice and a just trace of roses. Although these flavors might seem incompatible in a cigar, this powerhouse somehow seems to keep everything in next to perfect balance.”

“Okay, so I may not own a lot of flowery adjectives, but this cigar rocked my world.  The trip I took reminded me of Cuba of old.  This little travel agent sent my mind somewhere it hadn’t been in a long time.”

Everybody loved the flavor.  Some thinking it was a little bit strong…and Mike Tyson it only a little bit crazy.  This wasn’t just strong; this was strong like a Sugar Ray Leonard punch, strong like a waterfall slowly carving a rock.  There was beauty in the strength, this cigar was meant to be smoked, enjoyed, and remembered.

“The draw was a tiny bit firm, but very productive with the smoke from the coal and from my mouth yielding billows of cobalt and light dun. As I took this tiger down to the nub I couldn't help but feel very nostalgic for the old Havana that my uncle once told me about in his stories. I could imagine him sitting in a rattan chair in a hotel cafe wearing a zoot suit and a Panama hat puffing on one of these puppies.”

This cigar was a hit.  Those of you lucky enough to be able to enjoy them…don’t take that privilege lightly, as those that can’t sample these over the years to come, are going to miss something special.  This is a “A”.  We’ll leave you with a final quote from one of our best reviewers:

“Something tells me this is or is going to be a classic. The only thing keeping me from giving this cigar an overall A+ is the presence of newness in the pre-light, the firm draw, and the slight tang of a cigar that could stand to be stored a bit longer. All things being equal, I'd just as soon smoke 'em all right now.”

Wrapper, Filler, Binder = Cuba
Shape = Robusto
Size = 5 x 50
Box Code = ECA JUL01

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