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Friday, 15 March 2002

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sancho panza caballeros
Let's put this in perspective, a 93 from CA puts the Sancho Panza Caballero in the same class as the following cigars that CA rated in 2000; What do you do when you get your October 2000 Cigar Insider from Cigar Aficionado and see a "93" rating for a new cigar that only costs $3.20? If your one of the folks responsible for "Staff Reviews" at Top25Cigar, you quick have T25C order up a box, and get them to some staff and guest reviewers! Let's put this in perspective, a 93 from CA puts the Sancho Panza Caballero in the same class as the following cigars that CA rated in 2000; Ashton Sun Grown Torpedo, Padron 1964 Anniversary Torpedo Maduro, and the Cuban Punch Punch. Those my friends are the 4 top rated cigars at CA this year...according to their "2000 Year in Review" issue of Cigar Insider. So what did our crack staff of 3 regular Staff Reviewers and 3 Guest Reviewers decide? Read on. At opening glance the Sancho Panza Caballero does nothing to set itself apart from the crowd. "At first sight, the Caballero is just one more box pressed stogie on the market.", was not only a quote from one of our reviewers, but pretty much the consensus as to the general appearance of this cigar. There were some irregularities noticed, primarily in the cigar shape, but nothing of great alarm, unless you consider several different ring gauges in the same box of cigars. The draw of the Caballero was well received. Most of the reviewers were impressed at the smooth and consistent draw, while two folks noticed a varying pull as the cigar was smoked. The meat of the matter is the flavor and taste. We wish we could say the Caballero blew people away, but that wasn't always the case. In reality, 2 of the reviewers were really down on the Sancho Panza, while the rest generally liked the taste imparted by this long cool drink of water. It's an earthy cigar with a spicy edge. One of the more educated palates described it as follows "For the most part, the cigar served up a cool mug of hazelnut & French vanilla coffee blend, which—though diluted—was still quite enjoyable" Primarily, it seemed our reviewers were nowhere near as excited as the CA editors became with the Sancho Panza Caballero. As is often the case, the question of buying this cigar with a reviewers own money tells the ultimate story. Even at $3.20 a stick, two-thirds of our reviewers would pass on this cigar. We can't argue with our reviewers, but we also refuse to argue with the price. Our review of this cigar is best summed up with the following reviewer quote, "Perhaps not the best I’ve ever smoked, but definitely a keeper." Vital Statistics: Shape = Grand Corona Length=6 1/4" RG = 45 Wrapper = US, Conn Shade Filler = US Conn Brdlf Binder = D.R., Hon., Nic. Estimated Cost = $3.20

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