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Wednesday, 30 August 2006

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Tatiana CigarsTo me, flavored cigars are an enigma. Why waste perfectly good tobacco on a flavored cigar?

From a marketing point of view, I can see a reason for flavored cigars. It does introduce cigar smoking to a larger segment of the population. Women are especially fond of flavored cigars. And over the eons of time, I am sure everyone that has smoked a cigar has at least dipped the end of his or her cigar in a favorite port. Especially if the cigar is a badly flavored cigar.

As a reviewer of cigars, I review all cigars. Believe me that there are a large number of cigars that I would not touch if I did not have too. Flavored cigars are among those I would normally pass right on by.

Since I am reviewing flavored cigars, let me state that the ratings for these cigars are not comparable in anyway to the ratings I give natural flavored cigars. Because of this I will score flavored cigars on a scale of one to five. The score will be based on the construction, just because they are flavored does not mean they should not be rolled properly, the aroma and flavor. The Angela Factor and Buddy Factor are a part of the grading process.

The first cigar I will attempt to "grade" is the hand rolled Tatiana Vanilla in the Churchill length. It comes in an individual glass tube, measures roughly 6½ inches in length with a ring gauge of 42. Tatiana is a hand rolled cigars made with Dominican long filler and binder and it has an Indonesian wrapper. 

First the construction of the cigar was average at best. I could feel a very thick vein all the way through the cigar. A first class roller would not use a leaf with such a "stick" running through it. Why? Because this is a good sign that you are going to have problems with that cigar. And I had problems getting a good draw.

The flavor was overpowering. This cigar tasted like I had swallowed a bottle of vanilla extract. My lips had a vanilla taste to them hours after I had finished the cigar. Truth be told, it lingered through two bourbons, two brushings of my teeth and a jar of medium salsa and chips! Way too much flavoring for my taste and hopefully for anyone's taste.

When I rolled this cigar in my mouth, all I got was the vanilla flavoring. It overpowered my nostrils and I could not smell any but that vanilla odor. At this point in time I was mentally comparing cigar to a bottle of Boones Farm as you would compare that "pop wine" to a bottle of very CHEAP clean skin wine of your choice.

For a beginner or for ladies that want to experiment with cigars, I am sure the appeal of the flavored cigar is tremendous. When I checked up on the Internet about Tatiana the one line that caught my eye was, "Not only does this cigar taste good, everyone around you will love the aroma when you smoke it!" That is why the Angela Factor was excellent; she said I smelled like incense!!!

The Buddy Factor was simple to see, he fled within minutes of my lighting up the cigar! He could tell that I was having trouble getting a good draw through the cigar. The flurry of Aussie and American terms being verbalized was impressive, even by my standards. 

As a rating, I must give the Tatiana Vanilla Flavored Cigar a rating 2. Not quite average, but below average for its construction, poor draw and overuse of flavoring. 

I will continue to try out any and all cigars – natural and flavored. Have any special requests? Let me know and I will put them at the top of my list to review. Until next time have a great LONG ASH.

Cigar Guy Tim Reporting from Australia





Cigar Guy Tim
Reporting from
Down Under

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