The Alec Bradley Tempus Line
Written by Paul Shoberg

Wednesday, 05 August 2009

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The next day I wasn’t sure what to expect when I lit up the Imperator.  This cigar lit like a dream, and instantly produced a ton of smoke.  The draw, much to my happiness, was perfect.  Looks like this one made its way on the rolling bench of one of those top rollers.  The Imperator is a torpedo, and starts with smooth yet bold flavors of a subdued spice.  Still no sign of that brine or those mineral notes, but hey, I am only about 2 inches into this 6 plus inch cigar.  The Imperator stays smooth throughout, and while having a complex woody flavor, never burns hot, or overpowers your palate.  This would be a cigar I strongly suggest, and paring it with a myriad of accompanying beverages would be a treat.  In fact, with the flavor profile that I tasted, I bet the Imperator would work with everything from soda, up to the deepest port or scotch.

Lastly, I smoked the Terra Novo, a standard sized robusto.  I learned here to pay attention as you light your cigar.  I forgot to take off the small paper foot band, and proceeded to light it on fire.  Obviously I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  The good news is that this did not ruin my cigar.  After quickly ripping the foot band off, and only slightly charring my fingers, I quickly switched hands with the cigar, got me a band-aid, and proceeded to enjoy this little powerhouse of a robusto.  The Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos blend perfectly, and create a uniform flavor that elevates tobacco blending into an art form.  Again, copious amounts of smoke dance around the deep toothy wrapper while woody flavors with a shy spice try and play games with your tongue.

Sadly, I never did taste those “mineral notes or briny flavor”, but I sure see why the Alec Bradley Tempus line is getting the rave reviews.  The tobacco blending in this line really stood out to me, as the tobaccos truly came together to produce a unique taste that was pleasurable, and apt to be repeated.  The only downer being the construction of the Creo, but I will try another in hopes of replicating the experience I had with its two larger brothers.  The Tempus is well worth exploring.


0 # Nice reviewSteven Fowler 2009-08-06 03:55
Paul, I appreciate you telling us that you left the paper foot wrapper on while lighting. It makes you appear believable, non-elitist, and comfortable with who you are. I'll look for your contributions again. Very nice read. Thanks!

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