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Saturday, 16 March 2002

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vegas robaina unicos
One of the more recent brands announced out of Cuba, Vegas Robaina is named after one of Cuba's finest farmers, Don Alejandro Robaina. One of the more recent brands announced out of Cuba, Vegas Robaina is named after one of Cuba's finest farmers, Don Alejandro Robaina. The wrappers are grown exclusively on the Robaina Plantation, and the cigars are rolled in the H. Upmann factory. Initial appearances of the Vegas Robaina Unicos are nothing to write home about. If you think our picture on the right is a bit light, your right...but don't blame it on the camera. Our reviewers found the wrappers to be surprisingly on the light side. In addition, there was some noticeable veins running through the cigar. A light sheen is evident, although this has to be one of the lightest colored wrappers we have ever seen come out of Cuba. A light colored wrapper does not necessarily mean you have a bad cigar, but in the case of the Vegas Robaina Unicos, a "B" was the highest score recorded when judging appearance. "The wrapper on this torpedo was nothing to get excited about-- tan with a very slight sheen. There was one large, toothy vein and several small, slightly toothy veins on this cigar. I wouldn’t call it an ugly duckling, but I wouldn’t take it home to meet my mother either." Once lit, this Cuban torpedo seemed to smoke without error. The burn was fairly even, although one reviewer noticed having to relight his cigar a few times. The ash was a nice light gray, and seemed to be sprinkled with a few darker black spots. The draw was near perfect, a fully packed torpedo that smoked like it was rolled by a seasoned professional. If you've ever read a review in a cigar magazine or a cigar web site and thought to yourself "how the heck did they ever taste that in a cigar?" Try and get your hands on a Vegas Robaina Unicos, and we can at least put one adjective to bed for you. Every one of the five people who reviewed this cigar used the adjective "earthy" somewhere in their review. Some a bit more so than others as you can tell from the quotes below: "Man oh man, this puppy tastes like it has been dipped in dirt, can you say earthy? I'm lucky I like the taste, as it has been hanging on longer than my in-laws!" "From first light this baby was strong and earthy, earthy, earthy. By the 1/3 mark it mellowed into an excellent full-bodied smoke with a slightly sweet, very earthy flavor. By the ½ mark, it transformed itself into an incredible, slightly woodsy, very earthy cigar with slammin’ power. The finish was long and clean and strong and earthy." OK, get it...earthy this cigar is. I have a hunch the single dominant dimension of the Vegas Robaina Unicos may have been why we got 3 people lauding its praises, while two reviewers were less than impressed. Overall the reviews averaged out to a "B" grade, but this is a cigar where you need to make sure it fits your personality. As our one reviewer stated, if you like 'em dipped in the Cuban soil, this may be for you. Vital Statistics: Shape = Pyramid Length=6 1/8" RG =52 Wrapper = Cuba Filler = Cuba Binder = Cuba Estimated Cost = ₤10.80

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