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Wednesday, 14 June 2006

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Okay, as I’ve mentioned again and again, I’m not even in HeavyMetal’s class when it comes to reviews, or even in the subtle taste department, but I know what I like, and like art, I know it when I see it, or in this case, smoke it. I recently ordered a sampler from Brad at and he graciously through in few of his personal choices. These were some smokes from Victor Sinclair, and range from a nice natural curly head to this rich maduro curly. Since I’m alone (wife’s on the road this week, doing sales calls, kids are either back in college or over visiting biological dad for a couple of days) I thought I might try and fire up the maduro curly head to see if it was to my taste. Well, I have to say, for an inexpensive smoke, it’s a damn tasty smoke.

So here’s my description of the smoke, you can make up your own mind. The wrapper is a deep shade of chocolate brown, a bit toothy, but relatively free of any major veins. There’s a nice oily sheen on the surface. The filler appears to be a long cut, lightly bound, making for a easy draw, bordering on too easy for those who like to toke on their smokes. The pre-light smell is somewhat earthy, sort of loamy, with hints of pepper and leather (see HM, I listened to you and went out to compare what I smelled with the real thing ). I used a double bladed cutter to chop off just a tiny amount from each end and used a long wooden match to toast, then light it. Instantly it fired up evenly and burned even throughout the smoke. The construction is more then decent enough for me to put down the smoke, do a few lines of code, then pick it back up to take another draw. I’ve had more expensive cigars go out when I do that. The taste of the smoke is very much like the initial smell, but I would add a smooth, creamy element. The peeper picks up about 1/3 of the way through, and subtly increases as you near the nub. Over all, the taste is medium to slightly strong, but never over powering. I didn’t have a beverage with this smoke, it didn’t seem to need anything. to accompany it.

Now, I’m sure Brad can fill in the exact details of blend, size definition (which is so arbitrary these days) and such, but my overall impression is this one is going into my wish list for a daily smoker. Damn nice and relaxing smoke!

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