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Friday, 22 March 2002

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Bohemian? North Beach? Where does this smoke think it's going? Here was one we couldn’t resist when we saw its black draped mug in the local tobacconist. The Victor Sinclair “Bohemian” North Beach confirms that Top25Cigar Staff Reviews is starting phase 2 with a Brazilian twist. The Victor Sinclair Bohemian Black line of cigars is intended to be a fuller bodied smoke made from Nicaraguan, Honduran, and Dominican Ligero filler with a Dominican binder and a Brazilian Oscuro Maduro wrapper. Available in the Big Sur (6 X 70), Greenwich Village (6 X 60), Ginsburg (6X50), and the cigar we reviewed, the North Beach (5x54). Victor Sinclair released a sister line, Bohemian Red, the first cigar on the market with a Cuban Corojo wrapper. Filler, binder, and wrapper are all from corojo seed plants from Brazil, Nicaragua, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. All of the tobacco has been aged for a minimum of five years prior to rolling and aged three months after rolling. When we first spotted these we thought one thing…”If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” It looks like Victor Sinclair has taken to the rustic look of the Lars Tetens and Acid lines, without the “infused spices”. I’m sure the fine folk at Victor Sinclair would argue this point, so there is probably no need to mention that the cigar are in a natural box, resting on a shredded tobacco bed, with a “rat-tail” cap, and uncut end. Purely coincidence…I’m sure. As you gaze at the Bohemian North Beach, your expectations are for that Lars/Acid type smoking experience. Depending on your view of those cigars, your going to be disappointed or elated, as these are nowhere near the same smoke. This is a cool looking smoke, manly, coal black, and seemingly ready to overpower your palate with strength. If a cigar tasted as strong as it looked, the Bohemian North Beach would have to learn CPR. Thankfully…we think…you couldn’t tell this book by its cover. Upon tasting, there is a somewhat sweet taste, and your brain starts going into minor cigar based convulsions as it tries to match the taste to the look. Now I’m not saying this is a “Siegfried & Roy” kinda taste, but it’s not the “Andrew Dice Clay” that was expected. “I wanted to dislike this cigar from the beginning. Whatever it is, it’s a blatant rip-off of Lars Tetens Phat Shorty. Unfortunately, there was love in my heart as I indulged, as this asphalt colored rustic smoke was a sweet and gentle one.” “No shooting stars, but a fairly interesting smoke. Okay I’ll bite…what the heck is this thing?” So as you can see, we have a real chameleon on our hands. The Victor Sinclair Bohemian North Beach is a unique smoke, and if it had a bit more oomph behind it, might turn some heads.

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