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Sunday, 17 November 2013

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Earlier this week, we commemorated Veterans Day, so we want you to meet one vet who has plenty to celebrate! We can all learn from his recipe for living a long life—and enjoying every minute. Are you ready for beer-flavored cigars? How about a cigar party to kick off the holiday season? And we can all be happy that we won’t have to pay sales tax on those online cigar purchases—at least, not yet.



Oldest vet loves his cigars

Richard Overton was 36 when the U.S. entered World War II, and he served his country by fighting in the South Pacific. 71 years later, he’s the oldest living U.S. veteran, and Overton isn’t shy about sharing his secrets to a long, happy life.

Overton revealed to a reporter that he owes his longevity to cigars, whiskey and “staying out of trouble.” How many cigars? Up to a dozen per day, along with whiskey in his morning coffee. Sounds like our kinda guy! Overton was honored at a special Veterans Day event in Austin, Texas, where he got to meet President Obama and was presented with a box of cigars. The perennially cheerful vet still drives and walks with the help of a cane.


As for the other secret to his long life, he elaborated, “Stay out of trouble, I guess, tend to your own business, don’t somebody gonna kill you now, they shootin’ at everybody now, every night, they shootin’ somebody, so you gotta be careful.” Sounds like good advice to us.

Given all the health warnings cigar smokers have to deal with, isn’t it great to hear a story like this?

Online sales tax bill stalled—for now

A bill that would have allowed states to charge sales tax on online cigar purchases has been stalled temporarily, but it isn’t totally dead. The so-called Marketplace Fairness Act passed easily in the U.S. Senate back in May, but after being sent to the House, it died in committee a few days ago. This bill would have required online sellers whose annual gross sales were over $1 million to charge and remit sales tax. Currently, online cigar retailers do not have to collect sales tax from out-of-state customers.

The bill was backed by brick-and-mortar stores but opposed by a group of online retailers including eBay and While this bill may be dead for now, it could be reintroduced at a future date. Fortunately, the current Congress hasn’t passed much of anything lately, so we’re probably safe for another few months.

Sam Adams debuts beer-flavored cigars

Smokers who enjoy a beer with their cigars can now get both in one package, since Sam Adams beer has partnered with Ted’s Cigars to produce a line of ale-infused cigars. According to Ted’s Cigars president Ted Jackson, “Aficionados of both cigars and beer know that subtle flavors and delicate touches can elevate the drinking or smoking experience tenfold. It’s exciting for us to work with such an innovative brewery to create these one-of-a-kind cigars.”


The limited-release Sam Adams Utopia brew gives hints of maple and vanilla flavor to the smokes. Just 15,000 bottles of Utopia will be sold at $199 each. After being hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic, the Sam Adams cigars are then infused with the Utopia ale at the Louisville headquarters of Ted Cigars.

The Sam Adams cigars join other boozy smokes from the Ted’s Cigars, including blends flavored with Patron Anjeo tequila, Maker’s Mark bourbon and Grand Marnier liqueur.

Don't stop now because we have more cigar deals and new ahead.

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