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Sunday, 19 May 2013

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Now, on to the purchasing of a humidor. You’re not going to impress your smoking pals if they come over to your crib and find your cigar collection stuffed into Ziploc baggies inside a plastic cooler from Walmart.

When it comes to buying your first humidor, too many newbies are shy about taking the plunge and try to start small—and cheap. This is a mistake on both counts, because both size and quality are major considerations.


Practically every smoker who bought a small humidor has regretted this decision when his collection outgrew it and he had to buy a bigger one. You might as well plan ahead and go big from the get-go.

How big? If you usually buy cigars in boxes of 25, your humidor should hold at least 50 sticks. That may sound like a lot, but if you start out small, a year from now you’ll have several cheap little humidors cluttering up your crib and be wishing you had opted for a larger, higher quality model in the first place. Remember—cigars need airflow to age properly, so they shouldn’t be packed too tightly.


Most humidors are sized by “Cigar Count,” which is an estimate of how many cigars they will hold. You’d be better off to ignore the “Cigar Count” and instead multiply the length by width by height to get the total cubic inches of each humidor for comparison.

Where should you go for the best deal on a new humidor? If you have a favorite tobacco shop nearby, that’s a good place to start. You can actually hold the humidors and get a feeling for what you want.

However, if there’s no tobacco shop in your area worth checking out, or the one you have is ridiculously overpriced, it’s time to go online and shop for your humidor. The best part about shopping online is that you can look at dozens of models for comparison, plus prices are likely to be more competitive. The worst part is that you can’t handle the merchandise.

Still, there are a few things to look for. One is a lining of Spanish cedar. A good humidor will not be lined with anything else! Pine or other cheaper woods can leave a funny smell on your cigars.

Also, look for real glass on glass top humidors and real wood rather than wood inlay. A manufacturer of quality items will not skimp on these details. The best quality humidors are made from exotic woods joined with dovetails or splines. “Butt joints” are the sign of a cheap humidor. A well-made humidor will also have a tight seal and brass hardware.

When buying online, pay attention to shipping fees and return policies. You don’t want to pay more for shipping the humidor than it cost in the first place! And you should avoid merchants who say all sales are final or refuse to take items back after they’ve been opened.


Once you’ve acquired the perfect humidor, you’ll need to get a few supplies to go with it. One is a digital hygrometer/thermometer to measure the temperature and humidity of your humidor and the cigars inside it. You’ll also need some distilled water—don’t think of using tap water that can contain chlorine and encourage mold. You should consider picking up a handy little gadget called “the puck” that contains small beads that will maintain 70% relative humidity.

Some humidors come with a humidifier, but it yours doesn’t, it’s an item worth checking into.  Crystal-based humidifiers are long lasting and easy to maintain, while the Boveda pack system is also popular with cigar lovers.

The right humidor will last for years, look classy and keep your collection of fine cigars always ready to be enjoyed.

Be sure to check out our forums for more tips and tricks from experienced cigar aficionados. You never know whom you’ll meet or what cigar info you’ll learn!


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