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Sunday, 28 April 2013

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While most CCs are very desirable, some cigars aren’t, and a really awful cigar is called a “Dog Rocket.” Since tastes differ among CAs, one man’s Dog Rocket may be another’s favorite brand. If all smokers loved the same cigars, there wouldn’t be such a wide variety of smokes on the market.

Every true CA needs a place to keep his or her cigars, and that means a humidor. You’ll need to “Dry Box” those cigars you plan to smoke right away, meaning dry them out a little. To do this, place them in humidor to lower their RH (relative humidity). Some CAs prefer to do this with RH beads in the humidor. (More on humidors in a future column.)

A “Cab” or cabinet is a wooden box with a sliding top that contains 50 sticks. Many brands of cigars are sold in a “Cab 50.”


“B&M” means Brick and Mortar, a physical store selling tobacco products. Most tobacconists are true CAs who know their stock and will be very happy to discuss their products with you. Online cigar retailers can offer great prices, but you can’t beat your local cigar emporium for advice—and a great place to hang out with other cigar lovers.

A “BOMB” is an unsolicited gift of tobacco products from a friend, usually a fellow poster on a cigar forum. This is one way cigar lovers share their favorite finds with each other. For a BOMB FAQ and etiquette, see our forum:


“MAW” means Make a Wish, which is kind of like a cigar chain letter. CA#1 states which cigars s/he’d like to try. CA#2 has some of the cigars mentioned and sends #1 three of the smokes to try out. Now #2 gets to wish for his/her own list. This is a great way to make new friends as well as explore new brands.

“SBN” stands for Semi Boite Nature, a type of cigar box that’s made from wood and has a flat-hinged lid with a clasp. Any modifications to the standard BN (Boite Nature) make the box an SBN.

“ROTT” means Right Off The Truck. This refers to smoking cigars as soon as you get the rather than letting them rest in the humidor for a period of time. Some cigars are fine ROTT, while others need time to age. A cigar you buy from the humidor at your local B&M should be ready to smoke ROTT. For more info and opinions, check our Newbie's Guide to Good ROTT Cigars.

As you peruse the posts from other CAs on the forums, you may run across the term “LLG,” which stands for Lowland Gorilla. This has become the whimsical appellation that members of the forum use to refer to each other.

The term originated several years ago, when an editor was asked whether there were any special requirements necessary to review cigars. With a bit of sarcasm, he replied “Absolutely nothing. You could be a lowland gorilla and review cigars for us. There are no special requirements whatsoever.”

Thus, some forum members became known as the LLGs.

Next week, we'll give you some more terms that will help you through the world of cigars, plus more on cigar smoking for newbies. Meanwhile, head on over to our forums and meet some new Brothers (and Sisters) of the Leaf!  In the meantime why not head over to the forums and start using some of your new lingo.


0 # RE: A Beginners Guide to Cigar Smoking – Part OnePatrick Hosler 2013-04-28 14:27
Informative and funny. I want to be a lowland gorilla :D

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0 # RE: A Beginners Guide to Cigar Smoking - Part OneMilad T 2013-06-05 17:34
Great article. Another website that offers a cigar 101 guide that helped me learn a lot about the different blends, shapes, and sizes of cigars.

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